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不可靠 / Happy Go Lucky



We had so much fun in the end of the day, everyone decided to play silly with me!  Thanks to all these people, we sure have long endurance!!

完成了一整天的拍攝, 我們都得到很多快樂! 所以大家決定跟我一起扮嘢一番!! 多謝你們, 我們都辛苦了!!

Photos are just plain role playing crazy!  Thanks to Sai Bun for lending me this very retro synth!  I suppose to be my keyboard member in the band.  So, I was suppose to be you, Bun!  Maybe I can learn a few tricks on it someday and perform with this.  But right at that moment, I was just plain silly.

第 2 至 第 5 張相只是瘋狂地扮嘢! 多謝細斌借給我這非常retro synth! 我扮我樂隊中的Keyboard手, 所以我是正在扮你呀, 阿斌!

可能有天我會學學keyboard的有關技術, 到時便可拿着它表演了!! 但當時, 我只是扮嘢而已.

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over 15 years ago
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you need a piano key necktie to go with it...
over 15 years ago
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呵呵~好玩。 你在那里哦? 是金发那位吗?
over 15 years ago
Photo 61114
You look total Glam Trash Bad Ass here!
over 15 years ago
So COOL~!!!
over 15 years ago


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