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Had an enjoyable show on Friday!!

I finished the Ani-Com HK band show last Friday. The intense

crown and the beautiful stage delighted me. The recording of my mandarin EP has just been completed. You don't need to wait too long for it, ha-ha!! Tomorrow will be the movie premiere of Simpson Movie. I'm very excited and exhilarated.

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I personally think that there is nothing wrong with Marsha's figure.   I've worked with her in a film called "Men Suddenly In Black", to me and most normal men in H.k would probably find her very fit to.  Don't think her picture on newspapaer was ugly at all.  Media always wins, they always use the worst angles, and they chopped her fingers off that shot.  So to make her look like she has fat short arms.  TOTALLY FUCKIN UNFAIR!!  WHAT SHOULD US CHUBBY CH...Read more

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re: cool to see everyone | 回覆:見到大家很開心 | 回复:见到大家很开心

wow...!  it's so great to see so many friends in here!!!  Hey...feel free to ask me any question.  Really glad you like my films and music.  I think films and music are equally important to me, I get to release more cool stuff on the music side, cos it's usually under my control.   As for films, I"m more passive than music but I still fight to do cool stuff.  Its hard, it's hard..............not a cool culture enough for you all out there!!  Lucky we have AnD, people who so giving in the sam...Read more

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Welcome to my page! | 歡迎到我的空間! | 欢迎到我的空间!

Hi Everyone!!

Welcome to my page!!

Finally I get to write on a-l-i-v-e-n-o-t-d-e-a-d-.-c-o-m (baba saids that all the time as do the other boys in interviews).

Thanks to AnD boys for doing such a great job!! They said my page was ready awhile back but I just haven't had a chance to write on this page let alone my own web page (josieho.com).

It's been a hectic year and only get more hectic.. good for me as I'm a workaholic!

A project coming up that I'm excited to...Read more

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Josie Ho is the epitome of the new generation! Award winning Actress, Rocker, Racecar Driver..

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