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Wrote on 13 March 2008 / 寫於2008年三月十三日

Today!  We arrivedprefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /Thailand,Bangkok.  First time to work here! Feeling crazy just now, very excited and a little nervous, we are shooting the film "Street Fighter" here.  My firstHollywooddebut, myhonour!  Everyone here is very nice here, luckily we have someHong Kongcrew here, makes me feel more at home.  I will be here for a awhile then back and forth toHong Kong.  Wow music and I are also planning to tour aroundChinaandTaiwanfor more re...Read more

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Wrote on 10 March 2008

OK!  I'm back to normal now!  And frustrated!  Unfortunately got over

my concert's happiness!  Came back to reality when tonight, I came

home and got real shitty attitude from one of the workers at home.  I

didn't realize she took advantage of me until couple of hours later.

"One Freakin Playa".   I can't believe, I wouldn't let this happen if

I had a clear mind,  O.K gotta wake up from my concert's hype.

What happened tonight was, while I was just teachi...Read more

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Wrote on 7 March 08

Thanks so much for the support on March 2nd!  Thanks for going mad with me!  I was glad I didn't run outta breathe on the show or if I did, I apologize for it!  I was so carried away with so many people being there and cheering there!  I'm still enjoying that moment right

now and not  wanna move on yet!   Still have Audiotraffic's CD release party on Saturday, yeh!!!   Saturday the 8th, at Click!

I'm so glad I played with my "Uni Boys".   Kevin, Skot, Don,prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-micros...Read more

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Wrote on 2 March 2008 / 写于2008年3月2日零晨

That' it!!  Today is the day to rock out after so many days of practise!  I'm really excited, haven't seen the stage yet.  Wonder what it's gonna be like!!  C'mon everyone!  Let's go for a wild

Sunday night, I am sure we will definitely be soothing for Monday!

Josie and the Uni boys are gonna rock pretty hard tomorrow night!

I've stopped the band from playing hard for the past ten days, I think they have a lot of fire for tomorrow night.

Guys and Girls, We'v...Read more

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Wrote on 29 Feb 2008 / 寫於29 Feb 2008

Congratulations to Audiotraffic and the Uni boys, our song, Ho Chiu Supermarket is on the 4th of the charts. Thanks to WOW Music!! I am glad everyone likes this song.

Didn´t know how long I haven´t wrote! Sorry it was busy busy last two weeks! I was basically working on the radio stations a lot and band practice for the rest of the day. I felt exhausted!!! I have missed the days hanging out on Boardcast Drive, it was lots of fun being on radio stations!!

Rehearsals are good now. These two days, I am just g...Read more

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Practicing was good these few days |過去幾天的排練都很好

O.K!  Practicingwas good these few days, we are finally catching up with schedule, we had a productive day today.  Last week and this week has been crazy, I did tons of radio promotions and magazines promotions, very efficient company! Loads of talking and explaining about the production of my concert. I must think about where to play after this gig!!  I'm so glad everyone has been a great help, thanks to Alivenotdead.com, you guys are so nice to me!  Thanks to "Wow Music"Hong Kong, really apprecia...Read more

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I love "Ho Chiu Market"|我愛“何超市”

Arrr!!! So exhausted and so excited!! Haven’t been back to the radio station for awhile. Like that atmosphere, radio is playing my new song Ho Chiu Market a lot, I am glad everyone likes this song. Audiotraffic wrote this song for me, we had gone through some special treatment to finally achieve this version. Audiotraffic is our latest most talented and hottest composer, singer. These boys are not only talented, they are super!!Adriancan sing like a mutha, he can play guitar and play bass for Skot when Skot isn’t her...Read more

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Josie Ho Concert's Visual Company | 將於何超演唱會中所播放的視效的製作公司

Gung Hei Fat Choy everybody!!!  Wishing all of you heads out there best of the best this year!  


We've got some very very ill visuals down with RSA for the concert on the 2nd.  The reason for this is that visuals are going to take a very important role at the concert, RSA FILMS will custom made visuals according to my songs.   


What's RSA Films?

...Read more
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3月2日何超"Glam Trash Live"演唱會

何超儀將於3月2日在香港九龍灣國際展覽中心-"匯星"舉辦她的"2008 Glam Trash Live"演唱會。這是她即將推出的國語專輯"Elastic Rocks"預發布活動。

特邀演出嘉賓: 黃貫中 DJ Becareful 又名 李璨琛 24Herbs(廿四味) Hardpack 農夫 張繼聰

通過"快達票售票網"在線購票:http://hkticketing.com.hk /Ticketek/eng/event/nswcms...Read more

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3月2日何超"Glam Trash Live"演唱会

何超仪将于3月2日在香港九龙湾国际展览中心-"汇星"举办她的"2008 Glam Trash Live"演唱会。这是她即将推出的国语专辑"Elastic Rocks"预发布活动。

特邀演出嘉宾: 黄贯中 DJ Becareful 又名李璨琛 24Herbs(廿四味) Hardpack 农夫 张继聪

通过"快达票售票网"在线购票:http://hkticketing.com.hk /Ticketek/eng/event/nswcms _...Read more

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