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Wrote on 23 September 2008 / 寫於2008年9月23日

Hi!  Long time no talk, I've disappeared for awhile cos my body is still trying to recover from all the work lately, I think that Taiwan promotion did kill half of me!   It was 12 hours a day of talking about my Elastic Rock album and interviews, it almost feels bad to sell yourself so repetitively!  I'm kinda guilty about it, funny!  I came across a funny matter online and I wanna talk about it as another server online or as another women's point of view.  Please don't get super mad at me if you're one of these people, I'm only expressing my deep feelings about this issue.

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Speaking on behalf of a women who feels about this issue.

 Does girls have to represent themselves with super sexy photo at online community? What is the intention? I really wonder! Bare all meat and cleavage? I know, I know! Can't wait to show your friends your "new hot figure? Apparently, sexy picuture only gives your friends one freakin' idea, "free sex for everyone."Are you sure you just mean to make friends? I never get the "make new friends vibe from these photos". I don't know what you want! Using photos on internet is exactly like advertising yourself, it's the only impression people get from you, especially from one who don't know you personally. A lot of the times, a sexy photo does mean something else when you use it online to represent yourself and please be careful about passing them to a taken men, it's irresponsible and immature. Please have mercy on us couples when you wanna show your sexy meat! We don't wanna see it! It cause trouble for everyone, no thanks!








為一位女仕說出她對此事的感受,是否女孩們必須用超級性感照片於網上表達自己?目的是什麼?我真的想知道!裸露所有體肉?我知,我知!!不能等待去給你的朋友看你的“全新火辣身段”,顯然地,性感照片只會給予你朋友一種奇怪的感覺“給所有人的免費性感”,你真的肯定這只是為了交朋友?我從不明白這“由性感照片來做新朋友”,我不知你想要的是甚麼!在網上放置照片就正是宣傳你自己,它只會令人對你留下印象,特別是那些不認識你的人,很多時, ,在網上放上一張性感照片去表示是有些意思,而當你把這些照片給予一個已有另一半的男人,就更要小心,這是很不負責任及不成熟的,當你想展示你的性感體肉時請你仁慈一點,我們是不想笑的!!這令所有人很麻煩,不用多謝!


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ha ha, as a single guy, i guess i don't notice it so much (i notice, but i mean i don't mind), but yeah, i think it doesn't have to be so explicit all the time, especially for younger girls... it makes more trouble than its worth.
over 15 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Amen, sister! If all you're selling is your body to whoever has the cash, then by all means put up such pics. This is how thousands of women promote their sex trade to the world. If that isn't what you think you're selling, then ask yourself why your pic says otherwise. You think it's cool? Think again. If you want a guy to treat you with respect, show a little self-respect. Oh, and for you guys--don't believe 90% of what you see on the Internet, including these pics. Fantasy, baby, fantasy.
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it's my love hate relationship in fashion too...well to express yourself to sell yourself.. while it all looks good and hasn't fallen apart yet...and gravity gone south.... then by all means why not..with the power of internet though... plenty of peeps hide behind their "pic" . they might not be as gutsy in the real form..but yah.. i hate it when its provocative..- men and women do it...cos i wonder what the hell is that for??? whats the point.. but then who are the real culprits.. the men or the women that are viewing and getting kicks outta it..
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100% agreed! xo
over 15 years ago
Photo 37059
They want attention... I dont get people who take hundreds of photos of themselves in special angles... You probably know someone who carries a camera around with them and takes more photos of themselves than with you or buddies...
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