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You or OBAMA????

who is the greater one???

Haa...am i stupid?!!! Of coz the newly inaugurated 44th president of USA, Barack Obama.

What defines greatness?

I m a strong believer that everyone is placed at certain place for a one of kind reason.

Sure,there are jobs that comes with tremendous social responisbilties,

And if one can accomplish one';s given responsibilty, he then did a great job.

So, Yes jobwise, socialwise, it may be the case.

On the otherhand,  i also strong believer that

Everyone is given the smae amount of greatness if one choose to exercise it.

You could be a janitor,a professor, an actor, an insurance agent, teacher, karate instructor,

a single mom, a handicapped operator, night shift maintence man..........

when one look beyond just the surface of yourself,

many of us has the habit of comparing jobs we had....from which we define who's greater...

sometimes greatness

it is lttle sefless acts....i called it 'DO MORE' act,

sometimes we know we could ' do more', we could give 5 more $...but we give reasons not to

we could call our mom...we chose delay the call,

we could choose not to divorce to upkeep the vow but we give reasons not to.......

we give up our most desired lifestyle.....in exchange to our kids' better future....but we regreted

good deeds done while no one is watching........

It's our choice.

Everyone is given , installed with same amount of greatness as a human being,

It is how we exercise our will to 'DO MORE'....then ' DO ALL' that defines 'Greatness'.

you could be the most insignificant person in one job yet you are the greatest person to some

and to some given situations.

You, OBama possseses and bestowed with the same greatness,

we could all rise above the occasion when called for,

the question is.....Are we ready and are we willing

We have no more excuse not to after today...

Obama= IMpossibiilties becomes poissiblities

who would ever imagine the white house of which every brick is laid by slaves(Black)

now house a slave's desendant who now is the White house new Master!





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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
I've always maintained that it is who we are being, rather than our job title, that should be how we are judged. Maybe I keep telling myself this because I have one of those unglamorous jobs that no one could call a career. The thing I really wanted to do, that I trained for for 10 years, in the end no one would hire me to do. Now I'm a writer (bad) and a poet (worse still). How to manage the tension between what I want to be and what anyone will pay me to do. Art gets crammed into the empty spaces between job and home responsibilities. Precious little time to live a whole life and to feel like I am doing and being what I was put here for. How to rationalize all the rest of the time? I work in children's mental health. The work I do matters, even though all I do is support those who provide the direct services. Sometimes life isn't even what we choose, but what we are given, and it isn't what we would have chosen for ourselves.
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a journey of feeling content. Everyday i pray this little prayer sometimes with my eyes closed sometimes not..... let me be real let me be honest let m

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