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Back in "theatre" again

I didn't think I'd be back doing theatre again but an opportunity came and I took it. Instead of the acting, I took up a  directing opportunity for a 24 hour theatre festival(write,direct,act out a real show within 24 hours) for Roundbelly Theatre located on Shattuck in Berkeley. Got there at 5:30am and started looking at the scrīpt the writer wrote and started discussing some immediate changes I wanted to make to the scrīpt before the actors got there. The scrīpt was probably one of the craziest whacko things I had ever seen, the premise was about a girl who bought a dancing sex robot that stopped working, so she tried to convince her brother, who is a mechanic, to fix it, and then the robot goes crazy and attacks the brother sexually. LOL. I never thought I'd be making my theatre directorial debut on something this crazy, haha. I'm usually more of a drama guy, but this was a good test and practice for my comedy skills. And at the end of the day, I must say the show was trememdous success, we had everybody laughing and screaming. Hearing everybody talk about the show after it was done was a great compliment to our whole entire crew that we made a lasting impression on everyone.The thing I love about theatre is the love of community from both the people you work with and the audience. It reminded me when we did theatre in college and afterwards people would tell you they enjoyed your work; it always felt good as an actor to get those props after all the hard work you put in. Getting those compliments as a director was just as satisfying, and celebrating it w/the wonderful cast and writer after a success show, and seeing the happy faces was incredible. I had a ball and after the wrap party went out w/some buddies to celebrate out in Walnut Creek.Seeing my actors up there acting, I must say there was a part of me that was thinking "damn, acting is so fun, I want to act in shows again". I mean, you could tell how the actors were just enjoying doing their thing, and their performance was a lot better than our rehearsals since they all fed off the energy from the great audience. It reminded me how acting in films and theatre are so different; one is really commercialized and the other more about love for acting. If this opportunity came up again, I'd do it again. Theatre is love.P.S~ They videotaped the whole performance w/a dvx100b. I know it's never the same to film a theatre show, but at least you'll get the idea. The video will be up on their website soon and I'll post it. =0) 

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
dude ... berkeley!!!! that's where i'm from...
about 11 years ago
Photo 33284
LoL, i love the characters I meet in Berkeley, simply love it! they are a rarity. Some of them are borderline insane but I love it.
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