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A little surprise

I gave up on "600" after I got like the last 8 rejections, it's nice that we got accepted into something =). I know "600" isn't a real complete film since it is so short and the ending is a bit abrupt, but I thought the style and the voice of the film would give it some recognition due to its raw energy. shrug, my composer Jesse and I discussed taking some cuss words out of the film so that it would be more festival friendly, but our conclusion was that it would take away from the real spirit of "600" the film, and the power of that voice in "600" that we as people all go through. So in the end I decided not to redo the voiceovers and kept the film as is. That move might've costed us a few festivals, but I have to stay true to my film, it's the least I can do after all the hardwork and integrity that went into this film. This ICFF 2008 film festival probably is a small one but I'm glad to be part of it. It is in Northampton, England, I would love to travel there and make it out there for this event but probably won't be able to due to business for my current projects, damn it!"Dear Film-maker, We are delighted to tell you that your film(s) have been selected for screening during the International Community Film Festival 2008. Films will be screened 11th Sept-12th October 2008. A detailed provisional timetable will be available shortly. May I offer our congratulations and wish you success in the final selection. The Jury's Selection of ICFF 2008 Prizewinners will be announced at the end of the festival.Further information will be posted on our website in due course. Best wishes, Dr Ian McCormickICCF 2008"

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Congratulations on getting into the festival.
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Hm , most German shortfilm festivals I know have their programs fixed for 2008... Let me know if I can help, if you want to give it a try next year.
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