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Looking for MMA fighters

Hey all, I'm currently looking for real life mixed martial arts fighters(any level, as long as they are pursuing mixed martial arts and goal is to fight a real official fight) to audition for a project, if any of you guys know people who fit this profile, please send me their contacts, I really appreciate it, thanks so much!  

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
try hitting up some jiujitsu schools!
almost 12 years ago
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Hello, I am a 25 year old male from Windsor Ontario Canada. I am looking to get a start in MMA. I have been training since 9 years old and I am ready to fight a bout. I have a Boxing and Wing Chun foundation; I have also trained in other martial arts including grappling. I also played full contact Hockey for 15 years and can take a beating although I prefer to give one and have never took a beating in a fair fight so far. I know none of that matter when you step into a ring, but that is what I want and I am ready for it, I have been in many extreme situations so I am confident I would do well in MMA. I am at the age where the only thing that matters is training and family. I am past the party life, it is even rare I drink which if I do have some drinks I am fashionable about it. If there is any way to get me in the game I am 100 percent serious, I need to put my hard training to work. I could fight at 155 or 170, although it would be easier to loose weight then gain being at 165. Thanks for your time, consideration and the opportunity to email you; I am looking forward to hearing back to you Sincerely Tyson Lee Harris
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