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Are you ready to switch to free nationwide calling ... [Googlephone]??

Yes, it is true, for those of us who wait, the Googlephone is coming. No more need for carriers. Those of us who use Google voice already know the power of Google and the promises are real. 

Google will offer free phone service but the lifetime unlimited free USA nationwide + Canada calling could have an upfront price tag of $500. I'm sure each country will have its own 'free' versions.  Read more

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Affordable Housing @ less than $40,000 USD/unit

As we continue to realize that sustainability requires unique strategies, innovation has realized that shipping containers are a great solution ...

Would you mind living in one?

Video #1:


Video #2:


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Smartphone Technology can provide vital evidence on a case

Technology can make all the difference in a case of he said -she said.

Advice: Always carry a smartphone with a camera with you at all times. You never know when this may make all the difference.

Date of accident: 28 September 2010.

Time of accident: 1:02-1:03pm

Dialout...Read more

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Relationships (9 key items)

Investing time into projects and people have the same resemblence for interpersonal relationships. It is about building something together not just about the end goal but also building while getting there. It can be either a magical wonderful experience or a "Nightmare on Elm Street".

Once again on a Sunday, friends get together and we talk about various things. Today's topic was about relationships and it was brought up because I had read blog post about relationships and it was interesting how we all want t...Read more

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Story Telling (Highlights & Focus)

Normally, this slide is going to go unnoticed. How your audience responds can affect the mood of the entire presentation. Putting everyone to sleep is a quick way of getting tossed to the bottom of the pile. For patients and clinicians who are clearly aware what DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) means and a potential drug that reduces this occurrence with a reduced risk/side effect of bleeding (hemorrhage) and this is a headturner.Read more

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Story Telling (Style Matters) ...

How you present something can make all the difference in the world. Here are two films based off the novel I am Legend (1954) by American writer Richard Matheson.

I AM LEGEND (2007)

OMEGA MAN (1971)



Concise lecture on hemostasis, development & triggers. Unfortunately, many listeners may not have the background needed to 'follow' the entire pitch especially if they are out of medical school for years. Here is a refresher:

But the real question is how can you make...Read more

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How Does The Girl From Ipanema Affect The Brain ...

October 12, 2010.

"Music Evoked Remembering Experiences Are Multifaceted"

Multiple brain experiences are expected to be involved and interacting using technology that diagnostically indicates why a song then becomes ...Read more

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October 2nd Photos

Some photos from Saturday's entertaining and fun-filled evening. It was a marvelous opportunity to engage with soldiers and to hear their stories.

Discussion with war veterans on PTSD and the necessity of treatments:

Read more

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October 2nd, 5pm-Midnight, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (New Solutions)

Tonight, we will be speaking at the Hot-to-Trot event for our soldiers, troops and how post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a real medical problem where existing therapeutics have ranged from mildy effective to ineffective. Solutions in brain interface technologies and how these ...Read more

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Hard-sell methods -do you like them?

The following is a video where business owners (the developer) puts a lot of time, effort and possibly money into the product. Then they realize they cannot get the word out. In the past, it was costly advertising and today, it has become a web/viral marketing. This is not always the best approach -as you may not want to make a scene:

Rewrite Your Story from Tonya Leigh on Read more

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