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The History of Money ...

The following movie is about the history of money. In the past, unless you had certain connections to have your product viewed, your film was not going to get funded, viewed etc.

Today, with Youtube, Vevo and other platforms, this has changed everything. Viewers can even comment by making their own video. This new form of entertainment and reality has developed a serious following. Only possible with the shifts in technology.


A review:


One more reason why the price of gold has skyrocketed ....Read more

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October 12, 2010: Music, Therapeutics & The Brain

In working with music and how it connects with the brain, music has been historically known as food for the soul. In mapping the correlation of music and how it affects and changes behavior, music can also be therapeutic in anger management, improving memory or modifying post traumatic stress disorder. As technologies in the EEG space improve and costs are lowered, we are seeing tremendous innovation in understanding thought pattern. Certain kinds of music has even been able to help with learning and impr...Read more

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New York's Sexy Banker vs Citibank ...

During rough times, the strangest stories develop into news trends.

The closely watched and talked about situation in New York, Banking and Professional-Client Relationships continues ... 

This Sunday morning I was reminded of the story by: Jose Martinez@ The NY Daily News that originated in 2008.


Debrahlee Lorenzana was fired from Citigroup and so far the sto...Read more

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The Facebook Effect vs. The Mimvi Effect (the essence of a winner)

On March 11, 2010, I took on the task of helping Mr. Kasian Franks recover from an aftermath attack from giants like Warner Bros., EMI Records etc. He showed me evidence the case was thrown out of court. However, Kasian was down for the count and the story on March 11, 2010 is written here: http://www.alivenotdead.com/gordonchiu/Dinners-Deals-New-York-profile-931583.html

Du...Read more

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What's the dream worth to you?

A recent discussion on "valuation" and someone's dream. Whether it is a movie, modeling position or in the video below on nutritionals, pitching your idea can be a really painful experience. It is always better to garner supporters than to go out there because it can be a really painful and demoralizing experience.

Case: Element Bars

Offer #1: 75% for $150,000.00

Offer #2: 100% for $150,000.00 with 4% royalties for the rest of y...Read more

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Zinc Poisoning aka Zinc Toxicosis (in Pets)

After the previous entry on watermelons containing large amounts of heavy metals from wastewater usage for farming, I received an interesting email about a pet being poisoned by zinc. The source was a 1986 U.S. penny.

Readers should note that pennies minted after 1983 have 90+% zinc by weight. Pets can range from dogs, cats and even birds -as many cages have high levels of zinc. As an aside, human babies can also suffer from zinc toxicosis.

Proper and rapid treatment is crucial -or- it can lead to d...Read more

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Watermelon Heavy Metal Contamination

Not all wastewater can be used to grow food.




M. J. Khanjani aqsa A. A. Maghsoudi moud aqs, b V. R. Saffari aqs, b S. M. Hashamipor aqs, c and M. Soltanizadeh aqscaProfessor

bAssistant Professor of Bahonar University of Kerman

cKerman Water and Wastewater Co

Concentration of heavy metals in vegetables irrigated by urban wastewater is a cause of serious concern due to the potentials health prob...Read more

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Hindenberg Omen (True or False?)

Tonight over dinner, there was talk over the signs and ominous signals and the potential crash in September 2010. Is this true or unfounded? It isn't September 2010 but it is definitely interesting to reflect on some history:

Crash of 1929:


Hindenberg Omen: Predicted the stock crash in 1987, the originator  James Miekkabecame an overnight success.

  1. 2.2 percent or higher of  companies on the New York Stock E...Read more

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Mobile Trends by Mary Meeker (Morgan Stanley Report)

Regardless of housing and employment shortfalls, this has fasttracked consumers/companies to save money while increasing productivity. And if a device like an i-Pad, i-Phone, Android, Blackberry can also lead to fun/games, movies, social networking and information pass-alongs .. this explains why despite fall backs in multiple areas, mobile trends are positioned for super high growth.

Slides courtesy of Morgan Stanley's Mary Meeker, Scott Devitt, Liang Wu

Read more

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How to Handle Theft, Damage to Reputation etc.

In life, if you live long enough, as an artist, spokesperson, scientist (aka the TALENT) -you'll ultimately run risks. This week, it has been all over the press and fans/friends have written to me asking if I'm okay, so I am writing my comments here.



Here is the Read more

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