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A Felon's Rights ...

Murderers, rapists, thieves, sex offenders etc., should they be allowed to vote? Advocates say that if they are not allowed after they go on parole, they are being unnecessarily punished twice for the same crime.

The claim is that the ex-felon already pays their debt to society by spending time in prison and should suffer no further punishment such as the loss to vote, disclosure of their address or running public companies. However, the question at issue is: Should a felon lose their rights as well as spend time behind bars....Read more

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Food Crisis Warning: Salmonella Egg Recall is Nothing Wait Until You See What's Around the Corner ...

Fourteen months ago, on 10 June 2009, I commented on food safety and countless outbreaks involving escherichia coli and salmonella within the next five years. We are a country that savors food and yet our food storage, transportation systems are breaking down.

While only a part of my comments were filmed, we additionally covered four topics:

  1. Beyond the swine flu, do restaurant owners know something worse is just around the corner...Read more

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Green Paradigm Shift Technologies (GPST)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaxkYbnfx8I

Photo: Individual slamming and pounding a novel slot machine. You have to pound and slam the screen to gain points and access the jackpot. The faster you slam, the more points you acquire....Read more

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Due Diligence: British Petroleum Cleanup

June 7th 2010:


In the process of advising clients for the clean-up regarding the BP Oil Spill Cleanup, transparency and long term safety are real issues that have not been addressed for the good people who are living in those areas. Their livelihoods have forever been affected and they don't even know the potential damages in the coming months. 

(1) Hurricane season will be arriving and the toxic rains that will be generated is a major concern. Toxic rain will be at levels never before se...Read more

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Muzzling your credit card?

Do you believe this is a problem?

Some businesses are already preparing to capture the wave of security problems that could result ...



Some consumers have even posted methods on cutting it out of your credit cards ...


The power of skimmers. Disturbing? RFIDs are making skimmers obsolete in the near future.

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Over 200 years of banking legacy ...


"We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential."

The dramatic success of the five founding Rothschild brothers lay in their closely synchronised business. Having set up banking operations in Frankfurt, London, Paris, Vienna and Naples they bound themselves by contract to clear, defined objectives and set about creating the fastest and safest courier network in Europe by which they exchanged encoded market information on a daily basis. It proved to be a winning formula which soon...Read more

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Recent Photos

Time for a new headshot ;)

Thanks Stephen for your professionalism and ability to capture us in the moment!!

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Keynote Speech: The Future is Now

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Strategic Guidance ... (the whiteglove approach)

In guiding MBA/business graduate students on responsibility in advising/ providing strategic guidance, one of the key messages is the total embracement of the problems faced by your client: the CEO/CVO (Chief Executive Officer/Chief Visionary Officer).

With great power comes great responsibility: Uncle Ben's dictum to Peter Parker in 1962, and a theme that has underscored the notion of superheroes and others for a long time. Regardless of the adversities, we must remember if we take on a client, t...Read more

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Dinners, Deals & New York

As the sun began to set over New York ... I overlooked the streets from our office in Manhattan, got ready for the 6pm dinner and thought of my favorite underdog movie character (Rocky Balboa) ...

A momentous occasion: We've spoken over the phone, exchanged emails and now we meet in person. His name is Read more

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