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Bilateral/Mutual Character Reference Exercise

I advise a group of MBA students at NYU Stern. One of the exercises is to show what impression you leave behind to others across areas of passion, integrity, realism, responsibility, special skill sets, leadership etc. We're teaching about transparency and providing mutual disclosure to the people we lead about ourselves.

This is a great exercise as it is called bilateral or mutual references. It helps create a stronger bond while fostering trust and respect. The mentors asking students to provide cha...Read more

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Super Algorithms (a day's peek in this world)

In the world of algorithms, it gets really rough and tough. You've seen youtube and now Vevo but what and who is Mimvi?

Apparently, Kasian Franks is calling for help in more ways than one ... this amongst many other things makes for a very busy day ... 13hours ago.

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Algorithms provide better broadcasting

There's so many ways to be connected to someone. For most people algorithms is not a way of contact and connection. In my line of work and life, it is let's say quite often.

Four hours ago, a singer adds me onto her FB. I am not a singer. But I do work with high tech algorithms. I rarely meet someone who has than many views on their video. I am glad that she's a Christian -praise God!Verify Stamp:Read more

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Change: Department of Health Letter (enclosed)

Dear Friends/Family/Fans,

It has been exactly one month since my appointment as a VRF (look under USA and you'll see what it means in this country) with the Wadsworth Center, NYS Department of Health. While some restrictions have passed, anyone who is a friend/fan, I thank you for your continuous support. It really...Read more

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Amazing Discoveries ... (would love to be a firefighter)

Sometimes the most amazing discoveries can be made just with scientific observation:


Nearly two years ago, when I was hosted at a home that was burned down by fire, it was an observation that has stuck in my heart (on the island within 20 feet from the ocean) and needing of a solution that didn't require water. I still remember blogging about this in AliveNotDead. It was so upsetting!! Why couldn't we stop it? Doesn't a unique fire retardant or fire inhibitor exist?!!! Th...Read more

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The Science Behind Motivation ($ lowers creativity)

Readers of the recent writings know that science in has been the recent theme:

  1. Advertising

  2. Speaking

  3. Entrepreneurial Training

  4. Motivation (Here we discuss 5% of the real science behind motivation and it is NOT how much you get paid. That actually leads only to narrowing your focus and decreasing your creativity).

  5. Leadership

  6. Creativity

In the topic of motivation, Read more

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PIIGS -a new acronym that may heat up

Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain.

It seems problems with swine and its flu have not gone away. The hottest acronym in DC and NY's Wall Street is what happens if the risk spreads in Europe?

First, you have protesting, then rioting, and then historically wars are started over this kind of thing. Hopefully, the last part does not occur:

Tonight, I spent time with the man on the previous blog: David S. Rose on entrepreneurship. He only funds projects if the person has integrity, passion,...Read more

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Is there a science to becoming an entrepreneur?

Tonight at 5pm is going to be a very important night for many. The quantitative approaches to becoming a successful entrepreneur is going to be featured. From presentation styles and pitching to VCs to "the know-how", "know-who", "know-when's" of investment and ensuring the right investors back your idea!


Presentation Style:

Interesting fact: Disney and Microsoft were started during a recession.

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Good video content

Recently reviewing clients and there's alot to be said for quality videos. Whether it is medical, biomedical or consumer products, they need to know that consumers only have so much time to spend listening and watching. Presentations do matter, the shooting style and the ability to make consumers want to watch it over and over again.Vince and team (Leon wrote the script, Keith did the shooting) did a great job in English!

And Spanish!


Looking for great script writers, producers in various regions of the world....Read more

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What do you say, if George W Bush said you were beautiful (in front of everyone at dinner)?

GWB told Diani -daughter of Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew, that she was really beautiful.

Diani is very elegant and lives in the Palace of the Golden Horses.  

Palace of the Golden Horses Night Photos:

Read more

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