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The Queen is .... dead at 40

Last week, it was Alex McQueen's mom (Joyce).

Now he's hung himself ... and left the physical world

Here are some facts on him:

  1. Left school @16 and apprenticed at the traditional Saville Row tailors Anderson and Shephard.

  2. By 20, he was employed by designer Koji Tatsuno.

  3. At 21, Alex made design assistant to Romeo Gigli in Milan.

  4. At 25 (1994) he returns to London and earns a Master's degree in fashion design @ Central St. Martins College. H...Read more

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East vs West Self-Esteem

Many people talked about the USA's economic issues and it has become a mainstream topic and even used as a joke that the USA exported recession to the other countries. Compare that to Japan which has been mired in recession since the 1990s. While their prior government was overturned it is mostly hush, hush.The USA seems to be digging itself out while Japan is still very much an unknown. Perhaps talking and laughing at your problems can help afterall? Read more

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Bach's Cello Suite #1

I heard this today. I found 2 representations of this and posted it.

Everytime I hear it, it never fails to be extremely. Simply amazing!


Then again, cello players and the right music can be quite an experience on the somatosensory system.

Somatosensory system mapped out by world renown neurosurgeon Dr. Wilder Graves Penfield (January 25/26, 1891 – April 5, 1976) as the Read more

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The Special 21 (Eating vs Studying Brains)

Throughout history, during the modernization of science ... humanity has been fascinated with the 21 animals that are capable of using tools. While humans are amongst these 21, they've devoted much their history and attention in setting up rituals to study and even eat the brains of the other 20 -alive . We've termed human eating other human brains as cannabilism. Note: humans eating other human brain matter have been known to trigger a prionic disease called Read more

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Smart Surrogates (Brains, Robots, Twitters, Experts)


In the Fall of 2009, the movie, "The Surrogates" was released to the public and really made people "think":


Most people don't realize that scientists are making this quite achievable in order to solve some of the world's toughest problems. Imagine if you could know how Einstein and expert like Read more

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Chinese Art Show

Tonight's event and artwork ...

Read more

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Terrorist Fears Discover Chinese Lover Breaking Rules

TREND ALERT: In the next 5 years, there will be a significant increase in security and security related issues. Technologies and techniques will emerge in great numbers due to the needs to protect identities, guarantee security and increased fear management at all levels. Real trigger events cause substantial ripple effects. 


Kicking off 2010, in New York/NJ, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer Rub...Read more

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Debate: Are we at war?

Is it cancer causing? not if the chewing gum label states only rats tested get cancer but humans don't. yes, if the lab results confirm its cancer.

Is it eating fatty foods harmful or not? -not if it doesn't kill you immediately. yes, if it clots your arteries longer term.

Are you aging prematurely or not? -not if looks don't matter to you. yes, if your closest friends agree.

Are we at war or not? -not if you're Obama. yes, i...Read more

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Nying Du Ma: Two Butterflies: 两只蝴蝶 ... Music, Science Phenomenon

Asia is definitely not a small place by any comparison. Idea flow and ingenuity abound, there is much that is lost in translation. If the lyrics were properly translated into proper English you would probably have many people being able to share in beauty of this song. The Tibetan version is beautiful and you can really here the resonance resounding from her voice.

Tibet Version (Nying Du Ma):

Chinese Version (两只蝴蝶):



English Version (Two Bu...Read more

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Improving Your Memory: A Desperate Example

The word is frequently misspelled as desparate or disparate. Your spell checker will correct for you on the former but not the latter. The word disparate actually means fundamentally different.

Statistically, people misspell this word due to the verb despair when used as the adjective desperate causes a memory misfire in the brain unless it was learned in this ...Read more

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