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shanghai invasion

about 2 months ago, jin called me up and asked for a couple of beats. after hanging out a bit and bouncing ideas back and forth for a while, we ended up doing an entire album together. look out for Jin's 2nd solo cantonese album -Wui Herng Jing coming out this year.   

its an honor to be able to produce this album and i feel that we really did a good job. Jin's chinese lyrics definitely got even iller and the content this time a departure from his previous solo LP (ABC). my beats definitely matured since the previous album i produced (KZ's album). schedule was tight and therefore we had to record the vocals in a hotel room in shanghai. the process was incredible. we finished recorded in less than 2 days. 1st time in shanghai for me and its a nice city.we were wearing tights the whole time when we were recording.the 1st single. look out for it.nice. it was snowing.. 85 crew cafe franchise invades shanghai!!! haahaa kidding.. this is a good cafe name though.the republic of chinathe bund - the must-go-to place in shanghai for a photo.pinning up lyrics on a lamp.i love producing albums instead of just producing a beat or two. obviously more time consuming but its dope to dive into that creative mode and build a soundscape and see the project take shape from the start to the finish. my goal right now is to be constantly inspired and keep putting out my work. im very happy now cos currently i feel like im living up to the expectations i gave myself. 2009 - 85mixtape, 2010 - KZ's album, 2011 - JIN's album. im already inspired now. just waiting for the next project to jump on and keep on going. i wanna do an 85 project again!

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dope Sun! Keep making those classics!
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