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music.  where should i start.i think im just like everyone else, we are exposed to music at a very very early age. music is everywhere basically.i think i started realizing that i'm a fan of somebody's music around 98. i hear a couple of songs and i wanna keep listening to them and also wanna find out more about the artistes who made those dope songs that im feeling.my 1st encounter with rap music should be Jay-Z's Hardknock Life. the video was airing on MTV on a late afternoon. i was drawing pictures on my sketchbook when i heard the song. it was eye-opening to see how lyrics could be written in such a format. i fell in love with rap music ever since.never thought of actually making music myself until i saw regional acts like LMF and Too Phat proving to us that we could do it too. then a school friend kinda just told me that it'll be fun to do some music together. this friend didn't get into it in the end but remains an inspirational character and the best friend in my heart. it's no turning back for me ever since.so yeah while learning the craft of making good rap music, i just listened to everything. the nu-metal movement that hit us back then, the mushy pop songs, all the different kinda bands. basically whatever that i was feeling.i came to the point of my life that sometimes i find it pointless to make music. not much people listen, not really making good money. mostly people just dont know what im doing. music. its just part of life. either music that i listen to or the music that i made, music just represents a certain period of time. i now realize. i do it cos its somethin that reminds me of how time passes.listening back to some Korn got me thinkin about all my high school buddies and i quickly got on facebook to check out how they're doing. listening to the 85Mixtape reminded me how it was 2yrs ago making music together and how our attitude towards music slowly evolved.listening to Wyclef and Kanye's 808 album reminds me of the time when i first met u.music also just keeps me going right now, if i just went to school and didnt do music, it will only be a lot of absorbing and no release. good that i make beats and all sometimes so i can channel my thoughts into somethin else.i hope that everyone has somethin in their hearts that represents a particular timeline and feeling to them and really, sounding real corny just cherish what we have.peaceVideo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdYWuo9OFAw

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