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九港大戰!The Battle of Hong Kong! Which side are you on?

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            One of the film projects I have been working on is called "The Battle of Hong Kong" (九港大戰). It's set in an apocalyptic worldwhere theprefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /KowloonCityand the Island City of Hong Kong are separated and they wage war against each other for survival.


Due to the concentration of resources, theIslandCitydeclaredits independence, countlessKowloonnatives rushed to theIslandborder looking for refuge. TheIslandCouncil granted citizenships to thoseKowloonnatives who werewilling to work as slaves to rebuild their infrastructure.Years have gone by and Kowloonlegendshas it thata Kowloon slave will one day rise to free his people from the control of the Islanders and wage war against them to take back their land and reclaim Hong Kong...

Reason I found this subject so interesting is because eventhough Hong Kong is such a small place, the people are so different depending on the areas they live in. I have been bringing my scrīpt to numerous film festivals looking for financing and people always ask me, which side I am on…

So now I put the question to you, if in the future, if war breaks out betweenKowloonCity andHong KongIsland, which side are you on and why?  


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Kenjilui 15 blog profile
Is this gonna be an animation?
almost 17 years ago
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i live in kowloon right now...
almost 17 years ago
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actually the New Territories is where all the natural resources are... but thats another story. ;-)
almost 17 years ago
Mark moran in spokane 920x920
Maybe HK, so I could be the slave who rises up and frees everyone. Or Kowloon .. so I can just go north and escape to the mainland .. (talk about reversing history)
almost 17 years ago
Photo 33427
Good luck with the financing - I'm a huge fan of post apocalyptic / dystopian films, especially when they are scientifically accurate. Not sure what natural resources they would be trying to protect on HK Island though ... the world's largest resource of overpriced property?! I hope you invent a new energy source for the film or something. Kowloon could easily strangle HK Island but cutting off the fresh water supply. Anway - not going to pick sides until I've heard both the stories!
almost 17 years ago
Johnnylu f9 johnnylu
Kowloon side!!!! It's needs more love. Believe it or not I've heard ppl from HK side refer to it as the "GHETTO."
almost 17 years ago
Danielchan d3 danielchan
That is so true, I grew up on the Kowloon side, I never really got to go across the harbour when I was young unless I was invited to a wedding or I was sick and needed to see a doctor on the Island City side. For people who born and raied on the Island side, they often feel they are superior in an unspoken way and look down at people from the Kowloon side. This is the kinda debate I wanted to raise... Anyone else feel the same way?? Drop me a line. Daniel
almost 17 years ago
Good luck with the financing man! This Kowloon Hong Kong question was stuck in my head for like ten years already, and i ask this question to all my friends too. If u live in Kowloon side u might want to move to HK but if u live in island side u will never want to move to Kowloon! For me Kowloon for life man! System of a down is one of my favorite band too. ATTACK!!!
almost 17 years ago
Photo 33427
I love the really empty perspectives being dropped in here - from both sides :) Ghetto and yuppies. It's all & not at all HK.
almost 17 years ago
Kowloon fo'sho!!! The poster is really awesome looking! This is such an cool concept. I love this whole post-apocalyptic cyberpunk thing! The whole elite HK vs. KLN thing kinda reminds me of the dynamic between Tiphares (Salem) and the Scrapyard in "Battle Angel Alita" (GUNNM)... I really wish you good luck in finacing this project!
over 16 years ago


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