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After shooting for 6months and waiting another 3 for post production, Next TV's  headliner ,"Next Heroes" is finally coming out.  Here's a little taste of things to come...

This project is Directed by 羅永昌  王麗文. HK directors with Taiwanese actors. What a combination! I

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdWkYkz9miQ

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Nope...not Ninja Turtles ....

Nope...not Police Academy...

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Working Hard, Hardly Working

Hey Hey!  After months of looking for a new computer, I've finally settled on the I Mac. Now I can finally upload and blog without worrying about my computer shutting down. FYI, I was using the eenie weenie acer notebook that was making me blind !

Aside from that.... I've been trying to ....

walk in another person's shoes.....

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Knockin' on my door..

 About fifteen years ago, I was approached by a certain music producer to become a so-called "Idol" in Taiwan.  The idea of getting rich and famous when you were fifteen was out of this world. I couldn't wait to jump on the opportunity. At the time I was obsessed  with BBD, Bobby Brown, the rest of the New Edition, and of course...The New Jack City soundtrack.  So the thought of being a Taiwanese version of a R&B artist blew my mind away.  But there was one hold back. I was terrified! I was scared cuz I knew I didn...Read more

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Let me introduce you to my RANGERS...

Hi everyone,    Definitely long time no blog. My apologies to Pat ...AGAIN! A lot has happened since I blogged in December...but I think that goes for everyone. It's been 4 months!!! Tell you the truth, I just don't know what to blog about after this long break from Alivenotdead.  Then again, Alivenotdead is like family. You go away for awhile to do what you have to do but home is always where the heart is. I'm not trying to be cheezy but I personally feel like I've grown with this community since I got a...Read more

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Merry Christmas All AnD peeps!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a safe and happy holiday! Let's all pig out so we can all look huggable by 2010.


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How to shoot a movie in 2 weeks-Part 2

I've always seen friends or friends of friends go to Thailand and do the infamous elephant ride.  All I can say is I wouldn't do it again.  It's much better to watch them from the ground...especially if you are afraid of heights!

I just realized that I was much happier before I got on.

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How to shoot a movie in 2 weeks- Part 1

Wow what a month! I was ready to fly home to LA for the holidays until I got a phone call from my Singaporean family telling me that they want me to do this movie called "The Will."  I was like..hmmm....ok sure! Why not!  What happens next is two weeks of hardcore film making "Amazing Race" style!  Very tiring and challenging but I loved every single minute of it.

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Wish I could wear this everyday!

Halloween is coming up and I'm sure everyone is trying to figure what to wear to scare the kids.I was never into scaring kids cuz I'm a kid myself and I don't like to be scared.  Here's a tip :When in doubt...being a Super Hero is always a good choice.

Remember this?

That was soooo 2008!!

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The Big Things you need ....

Here are a few Big Things you need to succeed!

Big book to develop Big Brain

Big Balls...or in this case, one is enough.

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