Phat Chan

Homemade carbonara 😋 heehee:) #喜愛入廚

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ShootingTheDragon! Check the #HouseOfVansAsia2014 Zine at ! See what's happening with young creative people across #Shanghai #Seoul #Hongkong and #Guangzhou. Photo by @angelaboatwright @bureau36 @8ballzines @clintwoodside @TobinYelland Documentary by @angelaboatwright  @Charliedanger

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你個衰仔同老豆影張相都咁難為咁,衰得你吖😤 #lovebiluforever @bilibulu_bilu

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正 #ZENG // Let’s get LOUD every Thursday @ClubCubic Macau!

Kicking off 正#ZENG, the new party night every Thursday, with ALL-STAR appearance on 9 April ft. HK’s most sought after DJs - 24 Herb’s @Phat24herbs & Kit aka @djkeepintouch, LMF drummer Kevin Boy @KB_kevinboy, DJ Lazy Ming @Lazymingcheng, DJ Lorry @lorry08 +Beat Boxer FatKing @fatking, DJ Miss Yellow @missyellow, double Simon @simonwai Show starts at 1am & RSVP now to get FREE admission before 12:30am >>>

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Love this one😊 Shot by @instaden #lmf #話你知我地仲未死得

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Last night. Shot by @instaden #neverlosehope #phatchan #lmf

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Once again Thank u so much Macau😘 love this place:) #neverlosehope #phatchan #lmf

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We are ready to boom this stage tonight at Cotai Arena Macau💥 #lmf

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兩星期無跑,還番曬俾佢。#puma #beatsbydre #neverlosehope

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Shot at #taipeicity by @michael_ok #1幅1look hare hat #shouteyewear #remix checker shirt @remixeric2012 #neverlosehope #phatchan #24herbs #lmf

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Phat Chan

Editor (Film) , Musician , Rapper


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Hometown to kwan wan
Birthday 01-01
Favorite Music Green day, My Chemical Romance, 2 many djs, Korn, Rage Against The Machine, System Of A Down, Black Eyes Peas, Nas, Jay-Z, The Roots, Beck, Guns n Roses, The Doors, Nirvana, ANODIZE, Eason Chan, Linkin Park, Deftones, Radiohead, Blink182, Kanye West, Fall Out Buy, DJ Shadow, Maroon5, Hoobstank, Red Hot Chili Peppers …etc.
English Name Phat Chan

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