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Phat Chan

Bilu💬 我真的憤怒了!😂😂😂 @bilibulu_bilu

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朋友仔喺旺角信和中心2樓開咗間鋪頭仔賣啲好有feel嘅掛畫,即刻同 @djkeepintouch 落去支持下咁囉! 有興趣問下佢囉 @bensonlai0626 @hin

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Big thanks to @maywongcy 😘 bilu好鐘意個🐶🐶兜呀!@craftstore #craftstore @bilibulu_bilu

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House Of Vans廣州,好玩!Thank u so much! @kb_kevinboy @hangjai @lojimjimmymak @samchu0820 咁生鬼嘅Sam😁

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唔好話俾咁多人知蝙蝠俠鐘意chap黑椒豬扒🐽 #houseofvans #hkig

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夾band夜媽媽! 廣州house of vans are u ready? #lmf #crackerclothing #phatchan #hkig

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Training is fun💪 #crackerclothing #24herbs #lmf #lmf

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🐶唔好意思,除咗靚仔我真係諗唔到再貼切d嘅形容詞! @bilibulu_bilu

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What a party!!! Thanks again to all of u coming to party with us at House Of Vans last night:) Hat off to @samchu0820 @mitchellvw @kriseric #houseofvans #crackerclothing #phatchan #24herbs

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We are CRACKER-The Best Bad Idea. Chilling at @bar35kk at KK island! #crackerclothing #phatchan #24herbs #lmf @djkeepintouch @rawnooo @jzjoel

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Phat Chan

Editor (Film), Musician, Rapper


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