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陳翊恆 (Daniel) 1981年生於香港,在澳洲長大。熱愛電影的他經多年努力,在2003年在澳洲完成他的首部長片「Half Lit」(暗火)。2004年,「Half Lit」(暗火) 獲得影評人史文鴻博士 (前香港影評人協會會長) 的高度評價,期後得到名導演關錦鵬的賞識,邀請跟他合作編寫劇本及發展新電影計劃。

2006年,陳成立電影製作公司Chance Pictures Ltd.,跟後期製作公司DaJoint Ltd.發展電影「九港大戰」。「九港大戰」被獲選為2006年台灣影視創投會入圍決賽作品之一,其他獲選導演包括蘇照彬、吳宇森、張婉婷及陳果。

陳與著名美術指導張叔平合作為小美工作室執導及拍攝了2007郭富城演唱會主題曲《舞林正傳》的全C.G.MV及演唱會電視廣告。陳其後為廣告公司DDB執導5段Microsoft 電腦軟件的宣傳短片。

2009年,著名英國電影公司Goldcrest Films International購買了陳編寫的英文劇本《L.K.F.》(中文片名:蘭桂坊風雲)。英國演員Ray Winstone已表示有意參與現出。10年初,Goldcrest Films 更跟陳簽約為《L.K.F.》電影計劃的導演。Goldcrest Films投资及監製電影包括奧斯卡最佳電影得主 “Ghandi”《甘地》及 “Chariots of Fire”《烈火戰車》。

2010年,台灣飛昇國際投資一千萬港幣拍攝陳編劇及導演的揁探類型電影《天馬行凶》,由任達華、張家輝、廖啟智、龔慈恩及黃德斌主演,電影劇本曾於今年的韓國富川國際奇幻電影節獲最最佳劇本獎。 2011年,陳被監製曾志偉邀請編寫及導演《江湖》系列電影《江湖義》,一部以史詩式手法講述一名黑社會傳奇人物在香港回歸前退出黑幫的故事。

作品包括 : 2011 –《江湖義》 – 編劇/導演 (邵氏兄弟有限公司) 2010 –《天馬行凶》 – 編劇/導演 (飛昇國際) 2007 – 郭富城《舞林正傳》MV – 導演 (小美工作室) 2007 – Microsoft Promo Shorts – 導演 (DDB廣告公司) 2004 –《暗火》(Half Lit) – 編劇/導演/監製 (98分鐘長片)

經理人聯絡: Convergence Entertainment (Mr.Tim Kwok) tim@convergence-ent.com +1 323 965 0077

Daniel was born in Hong Kong in 1981 and grew up in Brisbane, Australia. Upon graduating from a Business Communications degree, he directed his first film 《Half Lit》, a neo-noir thriller about two brothers accidentally breaking into the house of a serial killer. It was hailed by critic Dr. Stephen SZE Man Hung (Chairman of H.K. Film Critic’s Association) labeling CHAN as ‘a rising filmmaker to watch.’

2006, CHAN formed Chance Pictures Ltd. to develop the C.G. laden war epic “The Battle of Hong Kong”. The project was selected as 1 of 16 films in competition at the 2006 Taiwan Film and TV Project Promotion. Other project directors include, John Woo, Su Chao-Bin and Fruit Chan.

2007, Chan joined William Cheung the renowned production designer of such films as “2046”, “In the Mood for Love” to direct a music video for Hong Kong pop idol Aaron Kwok. In the same year he also directed 5 short films for Microsoft with ad agency DDB Hong Kong.

2009, Chan signed a writing/directing deal with the prestigious Goldcrest Films International to develop his English language feature “Lan Kwai Fong”. A film about a retired British policeman running for legislative council in post hand-over Hong Kong. Goldcrest is known for producing multiple Oscar Winning films such as “Ghandi” and “Chariots of Fire”.

2010, Chan wrote & directed the $10 Million HKD feature film “Smile For Me”, a thriller about a Catholic serial killer (played by Simon Yam) who helps suicidal people find death by euthanizing them. The screenplay was selected as one of the top 50 screenplays of the 2008 American Screenwriting Competition. It also won the NAFF Jury Award from the 14th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival.

2011, producer Eric TSANG Chi Wai (Infernal Affairs, 2002) signed CHAN to write & direct the epic gangster film ‘Jiang Hu Yi’. The project is currently in pre-production at Shaw Brothers Studios.

Other works include: 2010 –《Smile For Me》 – Writer/Director
2007 – Aaron Kwok Music Video – Director (First Strong) 2007 – Microsoft Promo Shorts – Director (DDB. HK) 2004 –《暗火》(Half Lit) – Writer/Director(98 mins)

Manager : Mr. Tim Kwok (Convergence Entertainment)
Contact : tim@convergence-ent.com

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english, cantonese, mandarin
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