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<Cross> A film I wrote & directed starring Simon Yam & Nick Cheung. Check out the trailer - http://t.co/4KFax7Ye

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<第6誡>電影預告 (10月4日上映) Official Trailer 04/10/12

This is the film I wrote and directed back in 2010, after some face lifts, cheek implants, lipo, name change and a new identity... it's finally finished, here is the trailer... Video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmtU83cdVdcYou can get a sneak preview of this film on the 15/9 tickets available below, check it outhtt...<a href=Read more

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has officially wrapped...

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On set pics Day 6

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On set pics Day 5

Dressed to the nines![](/attachments/2012/05/10/02/38928_201205100204252.thumb.jpg)Yes, these are what we call upscale gangsters...William and his on set mother running a fruit stand at the ladies market in ...Read more

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On set pics Day 4

Patrick Tam and his gang of thugs![](/attachments/2012/05/10/01/38928_201205100158442.thumb.jpg)Gangster Patrick Tam and Big Sister Irene Wan

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On Set Pics Day 1 & 2...

DP Wade Muller and I back at it again for a second time...

Our 3 leading men... William Chan, Derek Tsang and Edward Chui...Read more

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<紮職> 電影官方微博!!! Official TRIAD Weibo!!!

<紮職> 電影官方微博!!! 請大家踴躍關注!!http://weibo.com/triadthemovieOfficial TRIAD Weibo - http://weibo.com/triadthemovie

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Michael Ruppert - The smart man's Alex Jones, one name you should know...


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September 21, 2007

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