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Aaron Kwok MV 《舞林正傳》is finally here...


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         Before we look at the final product, let’s take a quick lesson in the truest truism of all, none is more true than “The Customer is Always Right”. Since Aaron is playing a waiter in this video, I think he would agree with me on that…



As new directors, we have no bargaining power to ask for final cut, and in theprefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /Hong Kongentertainment industry, many experienced film directors don’t have control over editing either. So it’s up to the producer or the person who paid you to decide in what shape the audience will be viewing your work.


I have to admit, I am a film person, I want to tell stories, so as a rookie music video director, I knew I favored the storyline more than just loud visuals. So I worked with the CG team of the movie “Naraka 19” to make some interesting visuals to balance the two. I had edited a version with a storyline between Aaron and the waitress, where in the end the audience finds out they are both in each other’s dream world…


Sadly a decision was made to abandon my version and out came the version which you are about to see… Hence the expression, “The Customer is Always Right!”


For now, my director’s cut will stay neatly tucked away inside my computer in ones and zeros form. Hopefully one day, people will get to see it…






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doh, it sucks when you have to settle for someone else's version of your work... but for bigger projects that must happen a lot more... what was the story line supposed to be?
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Nice one!
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Johnnylu f9 johnnylu
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If you want to do something cool, don't expect to get paid for it ...! Don't worry about trying to change the commercial aspects of the industry (esp. in HK!)... Just smile, take the money, make the client happy, never mention the project once it's finished and use aforementioned cash to finance your own films / albums / exhibitions. Also see: http://www.whoneedsdesigners.com/ :)
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