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Cover in SingPao Magazine this month

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New TV Commercial in HK

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_xHOQHpPjM

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Hong Kong Film Festival

I love movies! that's why I love HK Film Festival cos it celebrates my love!

So I had a hectic week of working til 6 then rushing to HK film events like Asian Film awards and Alivenotdead activities. Met many creative people some famous, some yet to be discovered but they all have one thing in common; PASSION for Art. LOVE IT!

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South China Morning Post

Hey guys!

I've been missing for so long as I have been juggling 2 jobs. Lawyer by day and Artiste by night!

Basically, I run to my make up artiste almost everyday at 6pm as she prepares me for shoots and events. then I get home, sleep by 1am and work at 9am. This job is great as it will allow me...Read more

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My Movie Premier

Director Alfred Cheung Kin Ting's Movie, Love at Seventh Sight has finally here in HK. I played a small role so I got to invite my friends to the premiere. The movie stars taiwanese superstar Mike He Jun Xiang and Golden Horse Award Winner Li Xiao Lu.

 It begins as a typcial korean drama until the Big twist 20 mins into the movie! All my friends enjoyed it as they were taken by surprise. Truly artistic, funny and romantic at the same time. We love Cheung Kin Ting's work! Well done scriptwriter,editor and crew!

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Long Hair or Short Hair?

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My movie!

Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJheU6DlCfg&feature=related Yay, the movie where I played a small role in premiers in hk and china in november!

Directed by Alfred Cheung Kin Ting starring Taiwanese star Mike He Jun Xiang. I had os much fun in it. haha!



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Bedat & co

Hi guys!

I was a fab function with my friends who showed their support this week. It was for Bedat & co luxury watches from Switzerland at Landmark. We had a blast!

Thank you Balia Chan,Cissy Wang, Macy Chan,Christine Kuo MCI 09 and last but not least Deborah,Lai Gu!

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Hey guys so sorry for the Missing In Action Period! I was busy moving and I was in NYC for a while. Here are some photos of NYC and Boston:)

 Flying in University of Columbia

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Cover girl

    Start Living Magazine is out! . You can find it at 7 eleven and many luxury hotels lie W hotel and mandarin oriental.I had so much fun at the shoot! I've been busy with magazine and newspaper shootings. I also have to study. nonetheles, I love my job! In this mag,  I l the escada dresses, mikimoto and bulgari jewellery. oh my fav light purple dress comes from harvey nics. blissful

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Hello and welcome to my blog! About myself: I am an artiste because \'The secret of life is not to do what you like but to like what you do!\'-Anon- I

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