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Working on @intothebadlands combined with years of wear and tear and general bad postural habits have wreaked quite a bit of havoc on my body. I have done many things in the past few years to try and correct those problems; yoga, active functional strength conditioning and targeted stretching have helped but not totally gotten rid of deep seeded issues. A little over half a year ago I discovered @vinnierehab from @myodetox on IG and began studying his methods as well as trying the techniques he posted. I discovered that this guys really knows his shit so I decided to reach out for him for an assessment and treatment. The past four days he worked intensively with me to help break down my body and build it back up again. Using myofacial release techniques (very painful but very effective) combined with targeted exercises he was able to “unstick” the stick parts of my body and “turn on” the bits that were “turned off” that prevented me from moving efficiently. I feel like a different person! I feel taller, more mobile and most importantly, most of the minor but equally troublesome pain has disappeared. You can see in the following pictures the before and after difference. Notice especially my lower back area where the before picture looks compressed and the muscles look “asleep” where the after picture which is elongated and muscles are “awake”! Thank you so much Vinnie for introducing me to your ways and helping give me a blueprint towards fixing my broken body! #fixyourself #myodetox #oldmankungfu

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