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Lydia aka Orla Brady @ladymissbrady has been with us since season 1 but when we made the move to Dublin, Ireland she was our guide and savior because we were on her turf. Even though she did not have to do crazy Kung Fu fighting she was at every fight camp and worked just as hard as everyone else and begged for a fight. She got her big fight in season 2 where we got to see the tough side of Lydia. Although it wasn’t like our other fights, hers was raw, visceral and emotional and was a big turning point for Lydia. She was so amazing in that scene. Still give me chills. My favorite moment with Orla was when we were watching The Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao fight in New Orleans when she said “I have been doing a little research on Mayweather and he is not a very nice man!” #intothebadlands @intothebadlandsamc

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