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Remembering 5.12 and a conversation with Jet Li|銘記 5.12,與李連傑的對話|铭记 5.12,与李连杰的对话|5.12記念日とジェット・リーとの対話

I always found it interesting that in the 12 years I have been in the business here, one of the people I most wanted to meet had always alluded me. I was finally able to meet Jet Li last year at an event in Shanghai. There were many people there but I was at least able to say hi and shake his hand. Jet is the reason why I started learning wushu. I saw Shao Lin Temple when I was 6 or 7 years old in a Chinatown theater back in SF and immediately decided that I had to learn Kung Fu.

So when Jet invited me to join his charity organization, One Foundation, for a memorial walk for the victims of 5.12 in Sichuan, I jumped at the opportunity. Check out some of the video I shot from the event and a conversation we had about the event as well the origins of the One Foundation and how he plans to make this world a better place.

Part 1: ( Youtube HDYouku)

Part 2: ( Youtube HDYouku)

Part 3: ( Youtube HDYouku) | 覺得很有趣,我入行 12年來,總能如願見到特別想見的人。去年在上海參加一個活動時,我終於見到了李連傑。當時人很多,但我至少和他打了個招呼,握了手。李連傑是我學習武術的原因之一。6、7歲時,我在舊金山的中國城電影院看完《少林寺》後,立即決定要學功夫。

所以當李連傑邀請我參加他的慈善組織"壹基金"為緬懷四川 5.12 大地震受難者舉辦的徒步活動時,我雀躍不已。請看我為這次活動拍攝的一些視頻,還有我對李連傑關於這次活動的專訪,他談到創辦"壹基金"的初衷以及如何讓這個世界變得更美好。

第一部分: ( Youtube HD优酷)

第二部分:( Youtube HD, 优酷)

第三部分:( Youtube HD优酷)| 觉得很有趣,我入行 12年来,总能如愿见到特别想见的人。去年在上海参加一个活动时,我终于见到了李连杰。当时人很多,但我至少和他打了个招呼,握了手。李连杰是我学习武术的原因之一。6、7岁时,我在旧金山的中国城电影院看完《少林寺》后,立即决定要学功夫。

所以当李连杰邀请我参加他的慈善组织"壹基金"为缅怀四川 5.12 大地震受难者举办的徒步活动时,我雀跃不已。请看我为这次活动拍摄的一些视频,还有我对李连杰关于这次活动的专访,他谈到创办"壹基金"的初衷以及如何让这个世界变得更美好。

第一部分: ( Youtube HD优酷)

第二部分: ( Youtube HD优酷)

第三部分: ( Youtube HD优酷)|
僕はこの業界に入ってからの12年というもの間ずっとある人に会いたくてたまらなかったのです。去年やっと、上海であったイベントでその人、ジェット・ リー( Jet Li)に会えました。そこには人が多すぎたけど、挨拶をして握手してもらえたのです。ジェットは僕が武術を始めたきっかけでした。僕がまだ6歳か7歳の頃、 サンフランシスコの中華街の映画館で少林寺を見て、すぐにカンフーを始めたのです。

だから、ジェットが彼の慈善団体、ワン・ファンデーションで四川で5.12メモリアルウォークに誘ってくれた時に僕は飛びついたのです。このイベントで僕 が撮ったビデオを見てください。そして、僕たちのこのイベント、そしてワン・ファンデーション、さらにジェットがこの世界をよりよくするための今後の計画 についての対話をご覧下さい。 パート 1: ( Youtube HDYouku)

パート2: ( Youtube HDYouku)

パート3: ( Youtube HDYouku)

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great job! can't wait for part 2 and 3! :-D
over 13 years ago
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great interview ... looking for to the more ... Dan, really respect ur participation in Jet's ONE Foundation activities in Sichuan at present ... Superstar humanitarians both of u ...
over 13 years ago
Photo 37994
awesome man. one more thing to check off your list. I've heard that he's a really nice and humble guy. -johnny
over 13 years ago
Photo 22991
Great that you meet the person whom inspired u to take up wushu. Wonder when i'd meet the person who caused me to join this site.
over 13 years ago
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2 great ambassadors!
over 13 years ago
Photo 23632
hi dan, may be stating the obvious but showcasing charity efforts is just great... recently read a book called "the blue sweater" i think you may find quite interesting (if you haven't already heard of it). sometimes charity becomes pet projects for ppl to feel loved (rather than ppl truly loving to give), and it takes a rather excellent look of how modern philanthropy is evolving to best help the people in need in this day and age.. the link is here: http://www.amazon.com/Blue-Sweater-Bridging-Between-Interconnected/dp/1594869154/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1242276625&sr=8-1
over 13 years ago
Photo 446869
A pure meaning of kindness there. A role model for others to follow. God Bless to all that have lend a helping hand to 512 event including Daniel here..
over 13 years ago
Wow... Truly inspirational and selfless, such an amazing man, i do hope that we all can be One big family :)
over 13 years ago
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over 13 years ago


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