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Alvin Lee

Free toppings at #sangkayaicecream

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Free toppings at #sangkayaicecream @ Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang

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I ran 3.39 km with @mapmyrun. Check out my route in Kuala Lumpur, 14, Malaysia! #run #running

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This girl finally has a new haircut and a brand new dress taylored by her mom @rachaeliow #nicework

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Happy birthday to @zerotohundred Lao Ban @hogmot

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Happy birthday to @zerotohundred Lao Ban hogmot @ Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine

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They say blood is always thicker than water. Blessed to have such a wonderful family. Tq mom, dad, sisters and Tom for throwing such a wonderful birthday dinner for us #family #birthday

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Without them there is no me. Trully greatful and touched to have a team of wonderful staffs at #mssmr. Thanks again for the lovely birthday present. You guys rock! #ralphlauren

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Thanks to my lawyers & staffs, I now look like a pupil who had just called to the bar #mssmr #birthday

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Alvin Lee

Fashion / Costume Designer , Photographer


.. Hello jello! My name is Alvin Lee! This is my AnD space so Please if you haven't already done so, add me as your friend so I can keep in touch with ya'll! Th ...Read more

Member Since May 2, 2009
English Name Alvin Lee
Location Malaysia
Birthday 03-17

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