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An old lady that made me cry

I just got back from having dinner with my mom... and on the way home, I passed by a gas station and saw an old homeless lady there. Her shopping cart had tipped over and all her bags had fallen out. I then asked my mom if I could turn around and go help her.

So I got back to the gas station and it was an old chinese lady, she mustve been 75 years old or so, hunched over, wrinkled, and so tiny, with her hand in the trashcan looking for things.

I tapper her on the back and asked politely that I saw her things had fallen and if I could help her pick them up.

When I lifted her cart up I realized how heavy it was and thought how would she possibly have picked this up on her own. While I was putting her bags back into her cart she was just constantly saying "thank you, you're such a good person, heaven must've sent you here, heaven bless you"

Then I reached into my back pocket and handed her a $5 and she was reluctant to take it, saying that she's already so grateful that I helped her put her stuff away, and she couldn't take it.

I told her please dont feel bad for taking it, and that I just wished her well and to take good care of herself. While I was saying this, I was fighting back tears because, god... she's so old and frail... and was so thankful that I just helped her pick up her things. I found another $5 in my wallet and gave that to her as well, fighting back more tears.

As I walked away, a man who was pumping gas said to me "that was a good thing you did" and I just smiled and said thank you trying my hardest not to cry.

When I drove off with my mom, the lady waved goodbye to us and didnt stop waving until we exited the driveway.

Then as I made a u-turn and passed by the station again, I saw the lady talking to the man from earlier... and I think he was helping her out too.

It made me so sad to see that lady like that... god... I wish I had gotten her name... especially since she did ask me for mine.

The world is shitty sometimes and you take things for granted. And she was so happy, that somebody, who didnt have to...cared.


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TEAM DEMO REEL version 2

so... because stupid ass youtube has all these legal issues now with video and audio copyright... i cant put our team demo as is...

so to get it out there for all to see, i've had to change up the music.

heres the video to Shaolin Soccer

Video: this is to Beat It, covered by Fallout Boy

Video: which do you like better?

p.s. i've been away for hella long... i wonder what everybodys been up to... 113 feeds to look through... talk to you soon!


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HEY!!! On the Edge has been awarded the "BEST ACTION OF THE YEAR" by the Action on Film Festival!!!!!!!!

Congrats to the whole team for an awesome job, and super thanks to all the friends that came down to help us make this project come true! This award is as much for you as it is for us!


Action on Film Festival was fun. First time I've been to a film fest where one of my films was in the books.

The time on the pass made us go a LOT earlier than we needed to. So what happened?

...we got sleepy!!!

she got bored!

oh sisters came down to support too

Heres Malay n I with our very first (definitely not last) award

We should have outlined what we wanted to say, cuz we forgot to thank a lot of peeps. Oh wells, next time.

We bumped into the very talented James Lew who was being honored that night.

The lovely ladies of the night.

We walked that red carpet for pictures like 6 times

At the end of the night, with some friends that we met. Congrats evverybody!!!

EMC Monkeys has released their demo reel version 2.0

EMC Monkeys Demo Reel 2009 from Johnny Yang on Vimeo. Thanks for reading guys.


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SHOW Schedule and laurels

whoa! AOF Fest just sent me my officials laurels for On The Edge.

not to mention the 3 nominations we have


hopefully i'll be posting up another one with the winners laurel!

for anybody in the LA area. Our film On The Edge will be screening on Sunday, July 26th at 4pm at the Academy Cinemas in Pasadena.

Academy Cinemas - Pasadena 1003 E. Colorado Blvd

At Colorado & Catalina

Pasadena, CA. 91106


Screening Room #1.

The whole gang will be there!


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Film Festival NOMINATIONS!!!!

Hey hey!

Though we've run into some snags with the release of our film.. good new still below!

Our little project just got its official nominations at the ACTION ON FILM FESTIVAL!!!!!

We're up for 3 categories

Best Action Sequence

Best Fight Choreography

Best Action Film Of the Year

I'm hella excited and actually havent even told the guys yet. I GUESS... i'll give them a call. hahaha.

DY will prolly read this in like 10 min anyway.

Check out our trailer if you havent already.

Video: I suck at online posts... but we'll try to keep ya posted!


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the rough edit came out better than I expected though of course... there is MUCH work to be done.

super props out to my boys DY and Malay for pulling an all nighter finishing up the edit.

i took my baby out to lunch at this place in rowland heights/walnut/city of industry. cuz all the district lines are blurry to me. Its called Class 302 and its a taiwanese classroom themed restaurant.

Some of the food comes in metal take out boxes and the chopsticks and napkins are in backpacks hanging from the table.

Oh, and the table is a student desk. Havent been there in years.

she wouldnt let me take a picture of her -_-


my baby and I (ooh... proper grammar) had our 10th anniversary yesterday. We have our ups and downs but who doesnt. We had sushi cuz well... we love sushi.

food looks fricking delicious! howd it taste though? it was alright, not the best sushi i've had but it was a buffet and i ate till i was about to puke.

i know i know, picture is hella (oh snap, i'm from norcal now)shitty. Stupid iphone. If my iphone wasnt all pimped out i wouldnt even bother with it.

anybody eat anything tasty lately?


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On The Edge Teaser

a quick update. On The Edge is moving smoothly along and as a special treat... TEASER!!!!

those that have been following and that continue to wait. thanks for your patience. we'll try not to disappoint.

Video: Preorders and merchandising will be coming soon.

Plus this will be EMC's first hit on the Film Festival Circuit.

Coming fast and coming strong! (thats what she said)


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Sneak Peeks and Battles against Noodles

so i went out to try the Orochan Spicy Noodle challenge in J-town,which i had been bitching about for like a week that if its just spicy, then its nothing but willpowerthen it came out, and looked like that, but it was also bigger than a normal ramen bowl... WTF.

it actually was LESS spicy than i thought it was going to be, less spicy at least, than some of the food that i had had when i was in china... oh yeah, it fucking got in my eye too.after only like 10 min, all the noodles were gone, just broth and a lot of peppersso i was rocking right? then the worst thing happened... i got full... FULL!!! if its just spicy, its all about willpower. thats what i believe. but i got physically full.. this other guy tried it too and had the same problem, it wasnt the spice, it was the quantity. whatever, i still lost and still felt like a loser.

Goddamn it. but at least you know what? my ass didnt hurt at all later on.

EMC - On The Edge is coming soon. heres some sneak peeks.





its getting close guys.



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ON THE EDGE - Semi Finals!

We're getting close to wrapping up the shoot... we're at the SEMIS!!!

Check out our MOVIEPOSTER! Eagerly awaiting hanging in a store near you!

Courtesy of Loan Trinh below - THANKS LOAN!!!

Coming Soon Mid June


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Peeps getting shot, 7 years of bad luck, and Broke ass furniture

DAMN!!! you dont sign onto AnD for a week and you miss out on a LOOOOOTTT of stuff!

As a quick recap I've been most busy lately working on new project with the team. I'm producing a short for us that Malay is directing and thats been taking a lot of my time and energy ESPECIALLY over the weekends... RIDICULOUS shooting schedules I tell ya. but if the dailies show anything so far, it'll be WORTH IT!

I've been wanting to update, and its really easy to, but have you also noticed that the easiest things to do are also the easiest things NOT to do. How many times have you tried going to the post office to drop off ONE letter only to skip it to tomorrow? Funny no?

My sister Jenny told me a joke that was quite witty, especially since she can't tell jokes but... here goes!

"Someone once said, a black man will be president when pigs fly... well, Obama is now president and behold... swine flu"

Yesterday, Art of War debuted on history channel. For those that forget, thats the project that the team and I worked on as chinese soldiers and vietcong. It was actually a pretty interesting episode that talks about how SunTzu

and his book "Art of War" influenced all these battles throughout history and how much of a badass book it was. I don't own a copy, but I'm thinking about going to buy one now...

Oh, you know how tattoos can get addicting??

I know I said that I'd never get another one(the one I have is badass already) but I read snippets of Art of War and decided that IF I ever get another one it's gonna be lines from his book.


gù qí jí rú fēng; qí xú rú lín.


qīn lüè rú huǒ; bú dòng rú shān


nán zhī rú yīn; dòng rú léi zhèn


Swift like the wind, your compactness that of a forest

Ferocious like fire, is immovability like a mountain

Impenetrable as night, and strike like thunder.

Good method to live to your life. Tight passage. So the episode was good, or I'm biased cuz I'm in it HA!

Some quick photos. I shoot her in the episode... i know i know.. I'm a bastard.

DUDE, green screen is fucking amazing... Check out DY



fricking rockin!

EMC is working on a self project titled

"On The Edge"

Meet Inspector Yuen and Inspector Wong

Annie - The Sister

Sing - The Snitch

Daniel - The Boss

We're doing this all on our own, so it's tough. But at the same time, we're rocking. Like the hk industry of the old days, frickin stunt men were actors, and grips, and directors too.

If you like cops and triads, HK action, and good looking men... get ready for "On The Edge"

What would you do if you were pushed too far...


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