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An old lady that made me cry

I just got back from having dinner with my mom... and on the way home, I passed by a gas station and saw an old homeless lady there. Her shopping cart had tipped over and all her bags had fallen out. I then asked my mom if I could turn around and go help her.

So I got back to the gas station and it was an old chinese lady, she mustve been 75 years old or so, hunched over, wrinkled, and so tiny, with her hand in the trashcan looking for things.

I tapper her on the back and asked politely that I saw her things had...Read more

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TEAM DEMO REEL version 2

so... because stupid ass youtube has all these legal issues now with video and audio copyright... i cant put our team demo as is...

so to get it out there for all to see, i've had to change up the music.

heres the video to Shaolin Soccer

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOJ6SXLhDxE this is to Beat It, covered by Fallout Boy

Video: http://vimeo.com/5717149 which do...Read more

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HEY!!! On the Edge has been awarded the "BEST ACTION OF THE YEAR" by the Action on Film Festival!!!!!!!!

Congrats to the whole team for an awesome job, and super thanks to all the friends that came down to help us make this project come true! This award is as much for you as it is for us!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YY-AnLdm-eY On Ther Edge OFFICIAL TRAILER

Action on Film Festival was fun. First time I've been to a...Read more

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SHOW Schedule and laurels

whoa! AOF Fest just sent me my officials laurels for On The Edge.

not to mention the 3 nominations we have


hopefully i'll be posting up another one with the winners laurel!

for anybody in the LA ar...Read more

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Film Festival NOMINATIONS!!!!

Hey hey!

Though we've run into some snags with the release of our film.. good new still below!

Our little project just got its official nominations at the ACTION ON FILM FESTIVAL!!!!!

We're up for 3 categories

Best Action Sequence

Best Fight Choreography

Best Action Film Of the Year

I'm hella excited and actually havent even told the guys yet. I GUESS... i'll give them a call. hahaha.

DY will prolly read this in like 10 min anyway.

Check ou...Read more

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the rough edit came out better than I expected though of course... there is MUCH work to be done.

super props out to my boys DY and Malay for pulling an all nighter finishing up the edit.

i took my baby out to lunch at this place in rowland heights/walnut/city of industry. cuz all the district lines are blurry to me. Its called Class 302 and its a taiwanese classroom themed restaurant.

Some of the food comes in metal take out boxes and the chopsticks and napkins are in backpacks hanging from the table. <...Read more

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On The Edge Teaser

a quick update. On The Edge is moving smoothly along and as a special treat... TEASER!!!!

those that have been following and that continue to wait. thanks for your patience. we'll try not to disappoint.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqJhSV3ylrE Preorders and merchandising will be coming soon.

Plus this will be EMC's first hit on the Film Festival Circuit.

Coming fast and coming strong! (thats what she said)

-...Read more

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Sneak Peeks and Battles against Noodles

so i went out to try the Orochan Spicy Noodle challenge in J-town,which i had been bitching about for like a week that if its just spicy, then its nothing but willpowerRead more

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ON THE EDGE - Semi Finals!

We're getting close to wrapping up the shoot... we're at the SEMIS!!!

Check out our MOVIEPOSTER! Eagerly awaiting hanging in a store near you!

Courtesy of Loan Trinh below - THANKS LOAN!!!

Read more

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Peeps getting shot, 7 years of bad luck, and Broke ass furniture

DAMN!!! you dont sign onto AnD for a week and you miss out on a LOOOOOTTT of stuff!

As a quick recap I've been most busy lately working on new project with the team. I'm producing a short for us that Malay is directing and thats been taking a lot of my time and energy ESPECIALLY over the weekends... RIDICULOUS shooting schedules I tell ya. but if the dailies show anything so far, it'll be WORTH IT!

I've been wanting to update, and its really easy to, but have you...Read more

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