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the way i is

Finding life in the nuances. 

In more commercial summer movies, the filmmakers often uses broad strokes and elaborate storytelling to draw over a cliche theme in hopes of reaching as many audience as possible.  The ideas are big and the concepts new, but many times the finer details are arbitrarily chosen that adds little to the story.  These big idea/high concept films are still fun to watch, but they don't ways reach too deep into the audience hearts. 

On the other hand, I find the most beautiful film gives a lot of atten...Read more

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immigrant twice around

People usually have a certain negative perception of immigrants.  Having been an immigrant as a kid in the US, I learned that quickly.  I pretty much learned to hide my past from my friends.  No one cares about your home country, no one is interested in your past life.  People want you to assimilate, they want you to be like them.  But life as they sell to you may not be what you want.  To live, you do find ways to learn and adapt, try to fit in, and build a new home and a new life.  The desire to hold on and to change sometimes put yo...Read more

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New York AAIFF 2008 7/10-7/19

For the first time in many years, I will not be attending nor volunteering for the Asian American International Film Festival ( http://aaiff.org/2008/).  But as the opening date will be tomorrow, I do miss the chance to attend this great film festival in New York, and hanging out with old friends and meeting new friends.  There are many good film that I want to see this year, so hope I will get to check these out some other...Read more

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with memory of a fish

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plk in causeway bay

Besides a boat trip this weekend, I got to spend saturday morning volunteering with my company to help bring 50 kids to see Kung Fu Panda in Causeway Bay.  It was a great experience, and second time I worked with the organization since I started at the job two months back.  Both involved movies, so it was perfect for me.

The best part of ...Read more

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spinning rooms

Went out to sea yesterday, and got some residual sea sickness hours after the trip.  Now that i thnk of it, my head is starting to spin again. 

Nope, that's not me in the picture, but our mighty silent captain sailing through the storm.  Well, noone talked to him, but may be I should've chatted up w/ him and beg him to aviod those wave...Read more

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my 72 hr shootout film now online

Here's the link to the video if you can't see it.


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young chinese rebels with a cause (that's me)

Young Rebels in Contemporary Chinese CinemaAn Evening Presentation with Dr. ZHOU XUELIN, University of AucklandMonday, July 7, 2008

Hong Kong Club, Harcourt Room, 1/F, 1 Jackson Road, Central

Cocktails at 6.30 p.m., Presentation at 7.00 p.m., Close at 8.00 p.m.HK$150 Asia Society members/full-time students, HK$200 Non-membersThe generation that grew up during the Cultural Revolution began to defy established social norms in the late 1980s. Emerging as angry and alienated, such "young rebe...Read more

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taste of youth

Recently, dinnertime had all been spent at the office.  But sadly, I never had time to go out for food.  Usually, I just manage by with glasses of water.  Today though, I needed more. 

What I found was not only a snack, but a taste of old childhood memories.  In the vending machine were many choices of healthy and not healthy snacks.  I was going to opt for the heatlthy route given that I've been puttting my body through some tough endurances by not sleeping and not eatting regularly.  But at the end, what caught my eye was this:Read more

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72 hr shot down to last 24

After 15 hrs of editing for this 5 minute movie, I have one more minute of footage to cut.  I was really trying to get it all done in 48 hrs b/c I'm at work today, but I'm keeping my fingercross all will work out in the end. 

I have an international team and I think it'll be the first such work done in one of these 72hr limited competition.  Thanks for all the good peeps in NY, Korea, Singapore and HK that took to the task and responded to me.

Btw, title of the film will be: Goodbye New York, Hello Asia<...Read more

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