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with memory of a fish

Just like a fish that has only about a 3 seconds worth of memory, I swim throught life with the ability to immediately recall only a week's worth of the past.  The weeks prior seems like an eternity away.  For example, it really was just 2 weeks ago when I was slaving away to make the deadline for the 72 hr shoot out, but it seems to me like such distance memory now.  So, as the third part of my trilogy of blogs.  I want to recap the other excitements from my last week.  I put up the pictures a few days go, and here goes the story that goes with it.

This may be boring to you, but it's a great way for me to hold onto these memories a bit longer... Anyways, here goes the recap...

6/29 (1pm)    JIN tha MC's Video shoot for "Wai wai, wun bean wai?"

Great experience being there and hearing the song live and seeing the whole film crew.  The song in the video is in Jin's Cantonese Album 'ABC'.  It's a really great album if you haven't heard it.  Pick one up in HK on August 1st.

Lucky to have met some of these good folks that day... Kim Chan, 24 Herbs, WZA, Derek, Quinn, Boband a few others.  Look out for the video, you may see one of my arms in a shot.

6/30 (8pm)  Let's fight concert and beer pong

Went to the let's fight III concert at Star Hall.  Had a great time and ended the night passing by the Canada Day celebration in LKF.  Then ended playing a round of beer pong.  Good times.

7/1 (2pm) HKUST and Sai Kung (family time)

Went to visit HKUST in Tsuen Kwan O.  The environment is so beautiful with views of hills and water.  It's newer and better than the school back in the US.  It made me think about the going to school again for an MBA or something, and reminice on those great college days.  Do I want to go back after 20yrs studying?  Well, I am not big into reading, but I am so OCD w/ my grades that it forces me to read every word in a book.  hmm, just wish I had the time.

7/2 (8pm) E.V.E.N.T. speak up meet up at California bar Met up with my Buddy Simon from the states, and then met Rob Lok, Vince, Rebecca.  The start of perhaps a HK comedy experiment...

7/3 (8pm) PLK Singing contest First visit to PLK with the company.  We were one of the invited guests to see these kids perform in front of the judges like American Idol, except the judges made no comments at all.  The kids were talented, singing and performing in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

7/4 (9:30pm) Comedy show in Soho (go USA)

Saw these following guys perform at the first Stand up comedy club in Asia:

Vince, Vivek, Jamie Gong check them out on weekends in SoHo www.takeoutcomedy.com

There were a handful of Americans performing and in the crowd, but we were out numbered.  So no barbeque or fireworks that day, but I did enjoy a great show. 


7/5 (10am) Trip with PLK Kids to see Kung Fu Panda

for details.. please read last blog...

7/5 (5pm) Mastermining plans to infiltrate Asia Comedy


7/6 (11am) Boat Trip

Read 2 post prior for the details to that day of misadventure.  I guess I should have known when I had to walk down this dodgy tunnel to get to the dock.  Yeah, this was a sure sign that I should've turn back

Dag... that was a nice full week.   This week not so exciting and full as the last... but it's only just Tuesday...


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