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AnD Tee Shirt competition

Here's my entry for the Alive not Dead 2 year Anniversary T-shirt competition.  I'm probably going to be disqualified for not having the copyright... unless Reni gives me permission to use his illustration:)  And here're the references to 'Party like P-Lee': Rob's blog and Read more

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adidas Original Quiz

I just took the Originality quiz, take a look at my results!
  Take the quiz too! or

  Visit the adidas Originals Profile

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Skated back to my childhood

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Good week in entertainment News

From Slumdog to Oscars

We started off the week with the Slumdog Millionaire win, which was amazing to see.  I caught the movie on Saturday and it blew me away.  Everything was done so well and it pull me into the world and took me on a great emotional journey till the end.  Also, how can you not love the fairy tale aspect of the movie.  I'm such a dreamer, so this type of movie is perfect for me.

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Breaking News....

Well, it is not exactly breaking news, but it is news....

CB Fresh's latest video Wall Street Figther IV was featured on CNN:

Click here for the high Quality version on YouTube:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nlpsvq0k4MI&fmt=18 Here're some shots I took off my blackberry:

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Wall street fights on...

At 5:57pm on 2/2/2009:

While I was writing an email to DerrickFong from the office about playing the new Street Fighter IV game at my place, a thought came to me and so I wrote...

"Btw, just thought of a sketch idea… ‘Wall street fighter’ with dudes in suits fighting each other"

Then, only two short weeks after that thought, we now have the YouTube premiere of...Read more

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Obama times

I got to watch the Obama inauguration with my CBfresh boys and some American AnD friends last night.  Thanks Stephen and Patrick for hosting it.  It went to 2am here in HK, but it was well worth staying up for.  It was an historic event, and hopefully a big turning point for the US and the world. 

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Merry Christmas to Everyone

After working at Rockefeller center in NYC (Christmas Tourist central of USA) the last few years, it's no wonder I am missing the Christmas spirit here in HK.  The Christmas lights in TST is nice, but it lost that magical affect it had on me as a kid.  Instead of seeing the tree at 30 Rock, what I see everyday now are signs for holiday sales and further reductions to lure customers in.  May be I...Read more

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E True HK Story

After exposing the dirty secrets of Hollywood, "E!" does a story on the rise fall and rebirth of Hong Kong's Hot New Comedy group "CB Fresh". 

You'll laugh so hard, you'll piss yourself.  Watch it!


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The Amazing Vince: The toughest marine ever

Congrats to my friend and CBFresher Vince Matthew Chungfor winning The Amazing Race Asia 3.  Great to see them come back from 3rd place to win the treasure chest of cash.  Everybody loves this guy, even if he didn't win the race.

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