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New York AAIFF 2008 7/10-7/19

For the first time in many years, I will not be attending nor volunteering for the Asian American International Film Festival ( http://aaiff.org/2008/).  But as the opening date will be tomorrow, I do miss the chance to attend this great film festival in New York, and hanging out with old friends and meeting new friends.  There are many good film that I want to see this year, so hope I will get to check these out some other time. 

Here's a small selection of films that I recommend.  Many of these filmmakers/actors are on this site.  A few are good friends or collaborators of mind.  I'm sure there are other friends that I missed here, but good luck to them all.  If you're near NY, try to go and support.



This was a film that I had read the scrīpt for pre-production and had a chance to know the two lawyers/directors back in New York.  Two great guys juggling two different professions, and make their film with lots of heart and sweat.  Much respect goes out to them!  

Directed by: Steve Hahn

U.S. 2007 | 105 min | Color Video | Cantonese English w/ E.S.


Closing Night Presentation: PING PONG PLAYA

With Roger 'Fanman' Fan in the cast and produced by some of the guys who worked on Better Luck Tomorrow, this film looks really interesting.  These guys also participated in last year's 72 hr shoot out and made out w/ the top prize.  Again, respect!

Directed by: Jessica Yu

U.S. 2007 | 96 min | Color 35mm | English Mandarin w/ E.S.

Opening Night Presentation: THE PRINCESS OF NEBRASKA

Staring AnD'er Pamelyn Chee.  I have seen her reel and her short films before.  Watch out for her America.  Oh, the film is shot by Wayne Wang.  Mad RESPECT.

Directed by: Wayne Wang

U.S. 2007 | 77 min | Color 35mm | English Mandarin w/ E.S.


Directed by AnD'er Kenneth Bi.  Starring Jacky Chan's son and AnD'er  Jaycee Chan

Directed by: Kenneth Bi GERMANY 2007 | 120 min | Color 35mm | Italian Mandarin w/ E.S.


Here are some of the short films on the line up to check out


I was actually one of the producers of this film at the early stages.  This is done by a frequent colleborator of mine, Brian Chamberlain.  He directed this along with editor Sean Tarojo, Claro de los Reyes, Heidi Kim and Leon Le.Through the year, it had taken on different forms and shapes.  It was very nicely shot, and captures Chinatown NY, and the immigrant life in a very unique way. 

Directed by: Brian Chamberlain

U.S. 2008 | 14 min | B/W Video | English Mandarin Vietnamese w/ E.S.


Fellow AnD'er and fellow homie from Edison, NJ Wendy Cheng'sfilm.  Shot in Taiwan with a fantastical story.  Bravo.

Directed by: Wendy Seo-Ling Cheng U.S. 2008 | 15 min | Color Video | English


Kevin was one of the first filmmakers in NY to be showcased in my film screening in New York. 

Directed by: Kevin Choi

U.S. 2007 | 15 min | Color Video | English Mandarin w/ E.S.


I met Wing Wee just before I left NY through my friend Jae-Ho Chang.  Shared a nice meal of dumpling on 32nd street... ah I miss the food in NY K-town.  I wish I could've seen this too.  I wonder what this HK native had come up with for this short?

Directed by: Wing-Yee Wu

U.S. 2007 | 14 min | Color Video | Croatian English w/ E.S.

Also, there's the 72 hour shoot out award ceremony.  Remember, you can still vote for my movie here:  http://www.72hourfilmshootout.com/

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