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taste of youth

Recently, dinnertime had all been spent at the office.  But sadly, I never had time to go out for food.  Usually, I just manage by with glasses of water.  Today though, I needed more. 

What I found was not only a snack, but a taste of old childhood memories.  In the vending machine were many choices of healthy and not healthy snacks.  I was going to opt for the heatlthy route given that I've been puttting my body through some tough endurances by not sleeping and not eatting regularly.  But at the end, what caught my eye was this:

This is the real instant noodle.  The one where you don't even need to put in boiling water.  As a kid, I had this from time to time.  My parents wouldn't get it for us b/c it's not healthy.  On top, I had no allowance, so I can't get it at school.  So most time I only got to watch other kids enjoy this cheap but delicous snack.  This unique fried noodle taste is perfect for a kids palat, savory, fried with no nutrition.  Yum.

If you haven't had this in awhile, go find your Mamee.

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Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
yeah, this is fried ramen. You eat it out of the bag... raw. Tasty stuff.
about 13 years ago
wow.. mamee noodle~ that's my favorite snack in primary school...^^
about 13 years ago


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