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the way i is

Finding life in the nuances. 

In more commercial summer movies, the filmmakers often uses broad strokes and elaborate storytelling to draw over a cliche theme in hopes of reaching as many audience as possible.  The ideas are big and the concepts new, but many times the finer details are arbitrarily chosen that adds little to the story.  These big idea/high concept films are still fun to watch, but they don't ways reach too deep into the audience hearts. 

On the other hand, I find the most beautiful film gives a lot of attention to details and the nuances.  The great ones gives time and care to focus on what may not seem important.  These are not everyone's cup of tea, but watched with a filmmaker's eye, you can't help but appreciate the genius and difficulty in making these types of films.  In these movies, the performance of the actors are more powerful than any plot twist.  These films capture the psychology and emotion of real people better than most anything else.  If you as an audience open your mind, you can get a much bigger pay off than with any other movie.  The emotional ride these films can give you is a high that no other medium can give you. 

On Saturday, I skipped watching Ms. Hong Kong on TV to watch Ann Hui's 'The Way We Are' at the HK film archive.  The story echo'ed loudly with me and I was really blown away by the experience.  It is just a basic story about a Mother and her son living in the outskirts of Hong Kong, but the story worked so well with this basic setting.  This film is especially affective for those who understand the Hong Kong culture and the Hong Kong Family dynamics.  This film captures the everyman in Hong Kong perfectly and it mirrors back to me my own life in a very true way.  Needless to say, i highly recommend this film, and hope more people will get to see it. 

It is playing now at Broadway CINEMATHEQUE  in Prosperous Garden, 3 Public Square Street, Yaumatei, Kowloon.


Here are a few other simple yet powerful movies that I recommend:  Last life in the Universe, One Fine Spring Day, Lost in Translations, Punch Drunk Love, Gummo

The Way We Are  *****

(some photos taken from Winnie Leung's page, who also gave a great review of the film)*****Synopsis (re-written by me)*

This is a nonchalant story of decent folks living in an isolated “new” town distanced by poverty.

On is a high school student, the only child of Kwai, who lives and studies in Tin Shui Wai, a new town bordering China and remote by Hong Kong standard.Kwai is the kind who throws her despair behind and never dodges what it takes to move on in work and life. She works in a neighborhood grocery and cares for her family and neighbors. The story goes through their everyday life during a regular summer in Hong Kong, and we get to observe and take part in a period of their lives.

Director : Ann Hui

                Cast : ---

                Duration : 
                                                91 mins

                Category : I

                Language : Cantonese (English & Chinese Subtitles)
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thx for the review! i am been thinking of catching this...
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