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a few shootout pictures

a small flavor  from the shoot....


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Search for a Gift

Today I'm on a mission to buy a gift for a friend's birthday.  I have a vague idea of what I want to get him, but I still want to spend the day looking aroudn and exploring the possibility of other options. 

It could end up being a waste of time, but I guess this si my excuse to spend a day looking at HK form a different Angle.

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Filming today (day 1 of 72 hr shootout)

I had a great first day of shooting today in HK for the New York AAfilmlab 72 hr shootout film competion.  I'm still up looking at all these footages now.  I love what we got and hope it will all come together well.  Big thanks for my cast and crew for spending the way on the shoot. 

Now it the hard but fun part of editing it together.  

I will be posting pictures from the shoot later.  We got so many great shots.  HK is an awesome awesome backdrop.  Stay tune for those photos and hopefully some vid...Read more

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I want to see these film... who's with me?


Thursday 6/19 or Friday 6/20 @ 7:30.  (Elements)

I bypass this film last time I blogged about the Asia Society film series, but after reading an email from the AAFilmlab about the director, I'm very interested in seeing this movie.  The story is about a Laos imigrant's (the co-director Thavisouk Phrasavath) experience in war torn Laos an...Read more

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lucky lucky me

Good Morning.  It's prework hrs here, and I should be showering for work, but had to blog up about last nite.  As the title said, had one lucky night.  Luck don't go well with me, but last night was an exception. 

Why was I lucky?  Well for the first time playing poker, I finally won some.  Like I played here and there before, but always lost early.  Because of that, I usually didn...Read more

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A call to arms

Anyone wants to join me in making a movie for the NY 72 hr shootout competition?  We'll shoot it in HK and I'm going to see if I can get an annex team in NY to get extra footage there too.  It potentially could be an international colleboration.

Weapons of choice:

Canon HV20... 24p HD camera

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listen up

Lectures on the Arts in HK:


Videotage invites you to //Digit@logue

Opening Thursday, 15 May 2008 - 6pm

@ the Hong Kong Museum of Art - 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Special Lecture Series //

演講廳 ( 地庫 )  Lecture Hall (B/F)

免費節目   名額 150 位   座位有限   先到先得

Free Programme  150 seats  first come, fir...Read more

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Real Strength, Real people

It has only been two weeks, but it seems now that the period of grief is giving way to a time to heal and recover. Often there is a rush to aid, but sadly the motivation to help slowly fades. It will still take a lot of time and a lot of people to help in this rebuilding process, so right now I want to plan something later this year at an orphanage in Sichuan. Since I had planning experience from last year's volunteer trip, I hope that will help this time around. There are many kids orphaned due to the earth quake, and I feel t...Read more

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week 2+

The past few weeks are becoming a blur now.  Work is busy as usual, and had left @ 10pm the latest, but I know I'll have to stay pass that in the future.  No complains though, I am enjoying all aspects of life here.  Plus, the news stories that I see on TV made me realized what's real struggle and what are more important in life. 

The personal emotional impact of the earthquake is really more that I could've expected.  I can sort of relate this to September 11th by the horror of the situation.  But I remember that I was more in a ...Read more

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donate to the China Quake relief funds



Here're a bunch of donation site that the Guys are Alive not Dead had published out on their blog.  Please take a minute to look it over and find the right one to give.  Try to see if you company will match you donation too, so you can double your support. 

Thank you all.

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