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New Discovery

I happened to read about this guy Quan Yeomans when looking for info about 24 Herb's party tomorrow night.  He is going to be performing at this party.  Good music from this guy and check out this song for all you 80s fan.  Looks like the video was shot in HK too.  I'm curious who shot this for him.

'Into The Night' - Lamborghini Montach from Quan Yeomans on Vimeo<...Read more

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Artful week and Mike Relm

Been an Artful and eventful week here in HK.  Been to two events already and planning to goto two more tonight.  I always like to see good creative works from artists who come up with new and unique ways to express themselves. 

On Wednesday , I went to the 5th Pecha Kucha @ one bar.  They had many interesting stuff from the 10 presenters.  It was interesting to see the various styles and techniques that these people uses in their work.  Usually, it's the simple creative idea that has the most impact. 

Yesterday...Read more

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Where is our home....

This is the latest video from the CBfresh crew.  This time, it's a rap video with a brand new song written by Simon, Derrick and Jun.  It was fun to shoot this over 2 hot days here in HK.  But I really should have just stayed behind the camera and not keep ruining the shots.  Anyways, enjoy it in its full HD glory:

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Impressive shampoo comercial

Saw this on Jason Chau's blog.  Quite impressed with this commercial.  It's not anything we haven't seen before, but nicely executed for a 4 minute long commercial.


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Build me up buttercup

Beautiful Space

One of the draws for me to visit Japan this time was to have a chance to visit some of these great buildings in Tokyo and Yokohama.  I have seen some of these places in Magazines and books, but there's nothing like being there. 

For me, the space and surrounding that I live in has great impact on how I feel and how I act.  Everything about the place, the space, the angles of the walls, the lighting, the decor all impact the experience.  Because of this, it took me over a year to find my idea home bac...Read more

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Shinjuku Accident...

Last Week on Wednesday, I made a last minute decision to go ahead and fly out to Tokyo on Thursday thru Saturday for the long weekend.  I had to wait till the last minute because I had too many things on my mind at the moment, so it almost didn't happen.  But now that I'm back, I'm so very glad I went.  It was a very packed 48 hrs there in Tokyo, I took about at least 12 different trains in that short time, visited 10 different areas in Tokyo and 5 different areas in Yokohama.  I have to say that place has now moved up to be ...Read more

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Get out of your seat and get into the spotlight

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Acting Class & Dance/circus show at HK Cultural Center

Thanks to AliveNotDead and Jason Tobin, I got to meet Jeanne Hartman at the Meet up on Wednesday night.  She was a great speaker and we can already tell what a wonderful nurturing teacher she is.  I'm very excited to attend this class even though I always shy away from the lens.  May be it's my chance to change and grow a dormant part of my personality...Read more

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Truth Hurts and Lies Worse

Broken Strings- James Morrison and Nelly Furtado

Great song by the underrated singer songwriter James Morrison.  The video can be the unofficial MV for Lumina.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrZcB-9i7I0

Here's another great song... This MV was shot in Chinatown NYC.  Great location!


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One Year Done

In a few hours, it would be exactly one year since I landed here in Hong Kong.  This year seems much longer and more eventful than many of my previous years.  There had been lots of good times, and also lots of bad times, but all memorable. 

That was only the beginning, year 2... here I come and I'm now more ready than before.

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