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plk in causeway bay

Besides a boat trip this weekend, I got to spend saturday morning volunteering with my company to help bring 50 kids to see Kung Fu Panda in Causeway Bay.  It was a great experience, and second time I worked with the organization since I started at the job two months back.  Both involved movies, so it was perfect for me.

The best part of it all was when me and my friend Boon got a 15 year old teenage boy to accept and talk to us.  He hated us at first, and was probably thinking who are these two Americans and they're so not local and foriegn.  After sometime with persistence, slowly he accepted us and started talking to us.  I was able to play translator too, and he even invited us to play ball with him later on.

I also let these kids play with my camera.  Here's a shot they took.  Haha, it's quite artistic isn't it? 

I know from past experience that they all love cameras and so I am planning this movie project.  Early stages now, but I think it can be very very rewarding.  I got the idea from a friend (Lee Isaac Chung) who made this Cannes film in Rwanda with kids from the orphanage there.    http://www.almondtreefilms.com/index.php?pr=Munyurangabo

I don't hope to make this film for Cannes.  But what I do what is to have these kids to have fun, feel like movie stars and see themselves on screen. 




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yeah, Lee Isaac Chung is making another film in the US.
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