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Obama times

I got to watch the Obama inauguration with my CBfresh boys and some American AnD friends last night.  Thanks Stephen and Patrick for hosting it.  It went to 2am here in HK, but it was well worth staying up for.  It was an historic event, and hopefully a big turning point for the US and the world. 

Watching it, I realized a few of the things I missed about the United States of America.  The diversity of the people, the belief that anyone can reach their full God given potential, the belief in democracy, and the freedom to pursue happiness.  Seeing the huge crowd braving the sub zero degree weather was inspiring as well.  It reminds us that greatness is achieve not by one person alone, but by the collective support of the people that stand behind the man.  During the oath, you can see the loving support that Michelle Obama provides for her husband and I'm sure her support is so important in making Barack obama the man that he is.  And behind her, there's a nation of people that are there to support Barack to provide them the direction, inspiration and leadership for the common purpose of a better life.

After the oath, the speech itself didn't seem to have much quotable moments like the acceptance speech on election night.  But it doesn't mean it's any less important.  This speech help remind us what America is all about and what American can accomplish together.  It goes on to remind us that each one will need to do their part and contribute to making America great.  At this point we're beyond 'yes WE can' and it's time to roll up our sleeves for the next step of execution, which mean 'now WE do'.  To this I say, 'yes WE will'

God Bless America and and our new Commander-in-Chief...  You're the realization of uncommon greatness in one man.  And as one of Millions of Americans around the world, I will stand behind your leadership and play my part in rebuilding America for a better tomorrow.

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"...what American can accomplish together." Dang. You should have wrote his speech!
about 11 years ago
P.S. Punch Derrick in the arm and tell him MissScarlett is drinking Kona coffee...
about 11 years ago
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I don't know if I could ever achieve what he did in that short period of time. But, God willing, I will keep on trucking through some roles from student film, to indie and such to the point that everyone will recognize the skills. Before, then, more training. Oh, and on the whole American thing, I've done and continuing doing my part as her citizen with no partisanship.
about 11 years ago
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Excellently stated! Thanks for sharing :)
about 11 years ago


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