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Merry Christmas to Everyone

After working at Rockefeller center in NYC (Christmas Tourist central of USA) the last few years, it's no wonder I am missing the Christmas spirit here in HK.  The Christmas lights in TST is nice, but it lost that magical affect it had on me as a kid.  Instead of seeing the tree at 30 Rock, what I see everyday now are signs for holiday sales and further reductions to lure customers in.  May be I spend too much time in the malls in Central, but I can't help it working at the IFC and having to pass by all those shops a few times a day.  I think I was getting too sold on the whole materialistic aspect of Christmas and I really need to check myself from getting caught up in it. 

After I read James Mar's blog  about his gifts of 4 ducks and a goat and it inspired me to do the same.  They have some really nice gifts that you can give to the needy people of our world.  This past year was full of ups and downs for me, but there are many blessings that I need to really be thankful for.

For Christmas, I thought it's appropriate to get a sheep to provide wool and milk for the needy.  As you know Jesus was born in a Manger where Shepherds and their flock came to welcome Him to the world.  I got this in my sister's honor and for my niece because she's born in the year of the sheep and one year she played a sheep in the Christmas play... and I played one of the wise men.  I was young then, and I hated being on stage back then too.

For the AnD crew, i decided to donate to the Sichuan fund.  It's December now and more than half a year from the earthquake disaster, but I encourage people to remember there are still many needy people in that region that needs our help in the cold winter.  AnD were great in responding to the disaster on their site and urging us all to give, so I thought it's appropriate to make this donation at Christmas in their honor.

There are also many other great donation choices there.  I saw you can get a whole school for US$22,000.  Imagine that... for the price of a car you can bring education to many children.

Even when the economy is not going so well, I encourage you all to give this Christmas.  There are many others worst off in the world, we need to realize how lucky we all are. 

Check link below for all the donation options:


I hope you all can count your blessings this year and enjoy a very Merry Christmas.

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
very cool thing you have done. happy holidays!!! =D
over 11 years ago
I bought shares in a goat for all my aunts and uncles. Together, we got a complete goat for a family somewhere in the world! Yay for Christmas goats!
over 11 years ago
Photo 40007
Great way to give a gift to those in need during Christmas. That's the best way to celebrate. I donated last week to the NYC Coalition For The Homeless, as there have been more people out in the streets, and the weather is getting brutal. Hope all is well for you in HK. Sui
over 11 years ago
Photo 23907
ah i really miss the rockefeller christmas tree...
over 11 years ago


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