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Wall street fights on...

At 5:57pm on 2/2/2009:

While I was writing an email to DerrickFong from the office about playing the new Street Fighter IV game at my place, a thought came to me and so I wrote...

"Btw, just thought of a sketch idea… ‘Wall street fighter’ with dudes in suits fighting each other"

Then, only two short weeks after that thought, we now have the YouTube premiere of...

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nlpsvq0k4MI Derrick and Simon (of CBfresh) took that simple idea and made this amazing video in the short period of time.  Big props for the excellent job in the execution of the idea and the great Special Effects.  There's no doubt that CBfresh does amazing work in super short time. 

CBfresh = great ideas + quick quality production The cast features CBfresher: Simon Yin as Nikkei (E. Honda), Derrick Fong as M.Lynch (M. Bison), along with Rob Lok as S&P500 (Guile).   The rest of the fighters are these guest stars from AliveNotDead: Michael Chan as R.O.I. (Ryu), Boon Khoo as the Fed (Sagat), Shan Chan as Fannie Mae (Chun Li), Peapops Dow Jones (Crimson Viper), Sam as Goldman (Ken), Bhavini Raval as tech support (Dhalsim) and B-boy Matt as the Intern (Blanka).

Everyone that knows anything about Street Fighter and the Financial market are going to love this.  The stock market index may be going down, but the comedy index had just shot way up.

Please share this with your friends, family, tax accountants, or even your stock brokers.  Keep helping us spread the word on this video and CBFresh.

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Hahaha Great idea you had!! When they told me they wanted me to shoot this, i was like: "Huh?!?" But when actually shooting it, i was like: "Hum... I see!!!" hahahahaha Anyways, everyone put in work into this!! Cheers and see you soon
about 11 years ago
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Thank you for planting the seed, buddy!
about 11 years ago
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This rocks :)
about 11 years ago


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