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Snowblade - Party night!


Celebrating the first third!

With about a third of the film in the can, we tempted fate by holding a small celebration when cast and crew came back to Hong Kong. Some are wrapped (Kong Sifu and Calvin Logan), some have yet to shoot (Mak Chi-kong Sifu, Stephanie Aileen, Yuki Yoshimura), some are...Read more

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Snowblade - A second day of night


Mud in the pool, blood on the sand

Our second night shoot saw Sable bathing in a forest pool, where she is offered her deal by the devil, and the continuation of her duel with Callow (Calvin).

The pool has been constructed at some land beside the backlot, and the water looks fi...Read more

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Snowblade - Blood on the stage


Mad Mike's House of Horrors

While our main unit has fights and flights, that master of gory mayhem Mike Dinetz sets the blood and chunks flying.

An LA native, Mike is based out of Nanhai, where he has a full prosthetics lab hidden away beneath the studios. Of course, this became my son Calvin's favourite hang out!

My directorial dedication is such, I even donated my own plasma:

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Went down to the crossroads...


Long night's journey into day #1

Today we have a 'turnaround' day before we commence a couple of nights of shooting. Everyone tries to sleep through the day (like a vampire) and then work til dawn. My thanks to production designer Carey Rothman for delivering a great crossroad...Read more

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Snowblade - Son of The Beast


Calvin collides with Sable

There's an old show business saying: Never work with children or animals. Its also a challenge to work with your own children, given that you can't threaten, cajole or fire them.

Regardless, I bravely cast my son Calvin as Callow, a pint-sized swordsman...Read more

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Snowblade - Duel with the Iron Monk

Sable VS Kong in the Temple of Mayhem

We've had a blast shooting the kung fu-rious clash between Snowblade (Sable Yu) and the Iron Monk (Kong Kwok-keung). Thanks to Carey Rothman for putting together sets worthy of a lost Shaw Bros classic. Here are some stills from this epic encounter.

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Snowblade - Iron Monk-eying Around

Carry On Up The Temple

We put in some lo-o-ong hours on the Iron Monk set, but there were some lighter moments. Here are some of them:

Sable whips it real good.

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Snowblade - The Wrath of Kong

Splits, kicks and evil from a Hong Kong movie legend.

Veteran kung fu movie player Kong Kwok-keung is our lucky star at B&E. I try to find a role for him in all our films. He stole his scenes in 'Shadowguard', but unfortunately his role was cut from 'Beach Spike!' at the development stage.

In 'Snowblade', he plays a twisted fake holy man,...Read more

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Snowblade - Blood on the backlot

Sable Yu Lets It Bleed...

Our leading lady proved today that she can make any look work... After a gore-laden showdown, she gets scrubbed clean in a horse bath. Never a dull moment on this set...

Sable applies her own...Read more

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Snowblade - Rehearsing the final duel

Bey VS Keiji becomes Calvin VS Sable...

Sewing the scene together.

As well as playing a great bandit for us in 'Snowblade', Japanese actor Keiji Sato also helped me choreograph the film's finale, in which our sword-wielding heroine clashes with a vengeful10-year-old with the same skills as her. Snowblade is played by Sable Yu; her opponent, Callow...Read more

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