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When Weapons Collide

WHEN WEAPONS COLLIDE : Kea Wong meets some ‘Heroes Of The East’ and matches wood and steel with the best.

Our impending DVD release of the Shaw Bros classic Heroes Of The East afforded me yet another opportunity to put my faithful sidekick Kea Wong in peril. (Just wait ‘til we release Story Of Riki…) Kea, who played Jubilee in the second and third X-Men movies, is no stranger to danger. She ...Read more

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THE WING CHUN CONNECTION : How Yip Man’s art adds impact to kung fu cinema.

This year’s Mandarin Films summer dinner saw the company announced its latest martial arts epic, ‘Yip Man’. The film tells the story of a legendary master of the Wing Chun style. This unique form of close range combat has played a remarkably large role in the history of kung fu cinema. Present at the dinner were Donnie Yen, who plays Yip Man in ...Read more

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THE SAMMO CONNECTION : Hanging with Hung at the ‘Fatal Move’ premiere.

It’s great to see the face and name of Sammo Hung back on billboards across Hong Kong, as Fatal Move, the new gangster thriller from director Dennis Law, reigns at the top of the local box office. Law’s new feature is waaay darker than his Fatal Contact, currently a bestseller on Dragon Dynasty, but its final reel features a match up that fight fans ...Read more

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AUDIBLE ‘INVISIBLE TARGET’: In the studio for a manic audio commentary session.

After all these years of doing audio commentaries for Asian DVDs, fans still ask me ‘Hey, motor mouth, why don’t you do them with the actual directors and stars?’ The main reason for this is that, for most of the films concerned, the participants don’t speak English or are dead (or both). In those cases where directors (Tsui Hark on Seven Sw...Read more

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