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Snowblade in training


Yung Yung stretches and cuts...

Anyone would be mistaken for thinking we had it in our...Read more

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Snowblade unveiled...


Yung Yung Yu cast as sword-wielding, soul-seeking, blood-letting Tang dynasty anti-heroine...


You deserve a slower death, but I just don't have the time...

Strong female leads are always easier to write than they are t...Read more

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Crouching Logan, Hidden Poon


Rachel flies the Nanhai skies for 'Hong Kong Action Movie Magic'.

Our docu pilot covers every aspect of Chinese martial arts movie making, from fists and feet of fury to bloody bags bursting to lightning swords of death... My partner-in-primetime Rachel Poon gamely changed into period garb...Read more

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Blood on the turf


Time to cut on Hong Kong Movie Magic

Regarding the pilot for our new Hong Kong Action Movie Magic show, I have to cite the great Mike Dinetz as MVP. Mike was a great on camera character, and also helped prepare us a batch of Shaw Bros blood and the regular kind.

We aimed to recreate for our camera th...Read more

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There's no business like 'Snow' business


Casting the good, the bad and the 'Blade'...


I dare. I am Snowblade, the White Sword Song Assassin.

Whoever here believes they deserve to live, leave now...

Our latest, greatest, darkest and grooviest B&E production starts...Read more

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Getting wired in Nanhai...


Filming Hong Kong Action Movie Magic continued...

Given the temperature, its hard to get the crew (and myself!) up to speed. Happily, Rachel is sunny as ever, and ready to reveal to the world some of the closely guarded secrets of Hong Kong action movie-making.

Read more

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Filming Hong Kong Movie Magic


AKA Ice Cold in Nanhai...

For all of you that wondered: how do they do all those crazy stunts in Hong Kong action films?, a show that answers the question 'how do they do all those crazy stunts in Hong Kong action films?'

...Read more

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Shadowguard in Hong Kong theatres now


The Blood (Bond) hits the big screen.

After all the hard work by the cast and crew of our B&E grindhouse effort 'Shadowguard', its great to see it playing in Hong Kong theatres. Of course, this is a platform release prior to its DVD debut, and our little...Read more

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Cutting Wing Chun


Logan and Poon provide quick cuts for fast fists...

It was a privilege to work on the international edit of the film 'Wing Chun Kung Fu' (aka 'Kung Fu Wing Chun', both working titles!) with the great Poon Hung. This veteran's career goes back to the films that first made Jackie Chan a sta...Read more

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Shadowguard rising#1


Theatre list and unseen photos from our blood bonded B movie...  

For one week only, our B&E production 'The Blood Bond Saga : Shadowguard' hits Hong Kong theatres, so don't delay, book your tickets today!

The film will play at Golden Harvest Hollywood (can't believe I have a film running somewhere with this classic name in the ti...Read more

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