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Snowblade - A second day of night


Mud in the pool, blood on the sand

Our second night shoot saw Sable bathing in a forest pool, where she is offered her deal by the devil, and the continuation of her duel with Callow (Calvin).

The pool has been constructed at some land beside the backlot, and the water looks filthy. Production designer Carey Rothman insists that its clean, but Sable makes me drink a glass of it before she gets in. Urgghh....

Meanwhile, Calvin has got disturbingly used to the movie star lifestyle, demanding his own stylist...

Changing room...

And illuminated mirror...

Meanwhile, out by the forest pool, our devil prepares...

Mick is just great as the Evil One. (All his staff have praised me for casting him so perfectly. What doe this mean...?)

After Mick wrapped, it was time for Calvin to resume his duel with Sable.

I'm so proud of him, working through the long night; I don't think I could have done that when I was 9 and a half!

Besides fighting Calvin to the death, Sable also helped out with his make up.

Finally, the end of another cycle of darkness...

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woow, u must be so proud!!
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