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Snowblade - Son of The Beast


Calvin collides with Sable

There's an old show business saying: Never work with children or animals. Its also a challenge to work with your own children, given that you can't threaten, cajole or fire them.

Regardless, I bravely cast my son Calvin as Callow, a pint-sized swordsman who duels our heroine.

On arrival the studio, Calvin and Sable went straight to the martial arts area to rehearse their fight.

Try and stay in the frame, son...

Calvin cuts, Sable leaps.

Foes on screen, friends off...

Superboy and friend...

Then Logan Jnr went into hair and make-up to get his look together.

Calvin as Callow.

Calvin emotes.

Like a bat out of he-e-l-l-l!!! - Showing him how its done...

Director father and actor son...

And then it was into the green screen for some wirework.

 Here's me telling Calvin to spin three times and land on his head...

The fearless Calvin takes flight.

Calvin The Conqueror!

Swing it like you mean it!

We have lift off!

And you have to play it BIG!!!

Calvin sells a line.

Wires are for beginners.




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Photo 28042
Calvin is still at the age when I can say he's adorable. Of course, if he's trying to stab me he'd lose part of that charm. How'd he like his first acting experience? Too much work? haha he cannot end up on the cutting room floor or you're dog meat.
over 7 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
haha, that must have been so fun for him!
over 7 years ago
Photo 51673
man, what a dream for any kid!
over 7 years ago
Meat Loaf style!!
over 7 years ago


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