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Snowblade - Iron Monk-eying Around

Carry On Up The Temple

We put in some lo-o-ong hours on the Iron Monk set, but there were some lighter moments. Here are some of them:

Sable whips it real good.

Fab four: Mak Chi-kong Sifu, star Sable Yu, director Bey Logan, co-star Kong Sifu.

Frank takes flight!

Giving Kong his metallic motivation.

Kong Sifu helps Sable feel her qi flow....

Feel The Force!

And he can even do perms!

Elegant but deadly!

King Kong strikes a pose,

Shaw Bros lives!

Sable takes a moment on the backlot.

Taking five.

Giving Kong some chop chop directions.

Sable prepares for combat.

AD Nick Dearman checks Kong's brain waves (off the chart!)

Mak Sifu takes flight!

Snowblade with child? Sable overly padded for flight.

Sable prepares to ride the wires.

Kong prepares to split.

Mad Monkey of Nanhai!

Classical and classy!

The mighty monk!

Sable prepares to give someone the finger.

Kong prepares a dance like move with one of the crew.

The Three Stooges Live!

Three way script conference.

Sable strikes a pose.

Tighter and whiter.

The new kung fu queen...

Sable lies down on the job.

Waving hands with Ms. Yu.

Sable and her shadow, make-up artist Rayni He.

Sable strikes a stance.

Showing Sable that Kong is a push over.

CGI guy Matt and I confront Kong.

And it goes all the way to here...

Bloody but unbowed.

SFX make up whiz Mike Dinetz works on Kong's cranium.

Hong Kong Addams Family?

Bloody but beatific.

Who let this guy on the set?

The horror, the horror...

Studio catering took a turn for the better.

Be afraid. Be very afraid...

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I think Kong could definitely very easily take a dump in the woods. What I wouldn't give for his squatting capacity.
7 年多 ago



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April 8, 2008