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British-born Bey Logan began his professional career as a magazine writer and editor, editing the martial arts magazine Combat for five years before launching the action film publication Impact. A long-time Hong Kong cinema aficionado, he had his first hands on experience of the industry when he line produced the film Guns And Roses, which was shot on location in the UK and Paris.

Bey later relocated to Hong Kong, where he wrote the screenplays for the films ‘White Tiger’ and ‘Ballistic Kiss’. During the same period, he authored ‘Hong Kong Action Cinema’, a narrative history of the genre, and made his martial arts movie debut as a kung fu fighting bad guy in the Yuen Biao/Donnie Yen vehicle Circus Kids.

In 1998, he joined the Media Asia film company, where he wrote and co-produced two documentaries, ‘Jackie Chan: My Story’ and ‘Jackie Chan: My Stunts’. He went on to write the English dialogue scenes for the film ‘Gen-X Cops’, and was a co-writer on its sequel, ‘Gen-Y Cops’.

In 2001, Bey joined the Emperor Multimedia Group, where he wrote the script for the US$40m Jackie Chan vehicle ‘The Medallion’ and co-produced the action comedy ‘The Twins Effect’.

In 2003, Bey formed his own production company, Shankara Productions, in partnership with actress Maggie Q. He was also engaged to serve as Hong Kong representative for the international sales agency Arclight Films, and oversaw the distribution of several features, including Jackie Chan’s ‘New Police Story’. As a sideline, Bey provided commentaries and other bonus features for the Asian films released on the UK’s Hong Kong Legends label.

Bey has also made occasional acting appearances in Hong Kong television and films, most memorably in Donnie Yen’s Fist Of Fury series and Dante Lam’s Naked Ambition, and has been the subject of several TV documentaries, including Made In Hong Kong and Six Degrees Of Separation.

In 2006, he co-produced the US$5m Hong Kong action thriller ‘Dragon Squad’, starring Michael Biehn, Sammo Hung and Maggie Q.

On the 1st of October, 2005, Bey joined the Weinstein Company as Vice-president of Asian Acquisitions and Co-production.

Three years later, he left TWC to form B&E Productions. This Cheung Sha Wan-based multimedia company has so far produced the action thriller 'The Blood Bond: Shadowguard' and the sports action comedy 'Beach Spike!'. Bey was also a producer on the 3D animated feature 'Little Gobie'.

Late 2010 sees Logan premiere his lecture series, 'Way of Bey', and the publication of his first novel, 'The Blood Bond'.

In 2011, Bey made his directorial debut with the edgy period actioner 'Snowblade'.

The following year, B&E launched a movie memorabilia company, Reel East, to make official merchandise from classic Hong Kong films available to the fans.

In 2012, B&E worked with the Paris-based Aeternalis film company to produce the action-packed thriller 'Borderland'.

Bey lives and works in Hong Kong, practices Tibetan Buddhism, Hung Kuen kung fu and Chen Tai Chi and has five children: four sons, Ryan, Calvin, Kyle and Sean, and a daughter, Taia.

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