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Went down to the crossroads...


Long night's journey into day #1

Today we have a 'turnaround' day before we commence a couple of nights of shooting. Everyone tries to sleep through the day (like a vampire) and then work til dawn. My thanks to production designer Carey Rothman for delivering a great crossroads for our finale. Its very gloomy and atmospheric, especially considering its out on the backlot!

Anyway, we dig in for a long night...

This is the first night shooting for my friend Michael Gleissner, the driving force behind Bigfoot Entertainment. Mick is typecast in our film: he plays the devil... He turns in a wonderfully satanic performance, I think this part came a bit too easily to him!

Tonight also sees my son Calvin go into action against Sable: his first movie, his first fight scene and his first night shoot... What was I thinking?

My thanks to Taeki Gong (who we killed off in the opening scene) for returning to us to help choreograph the action.


I should give a shout out to the backstage crew who keep us going through the long dark hours.

Amid all the flash and glamour of the movie industry, no-one ever talks about the sheer grind of the early starts and late finishes...

Running from daylight...

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Poor Calvin. How'd he hold up? This experience may change his mind about having an acting career. I always thought night scenes with little background were done on sound stages but during the day. Interesting.
over 7 years ago
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super funny
over 7 years ago


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