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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wanted to wish everyone....students and friends....and their families a Happy Thanksgiving!!  In these hard times getting together and celebrating what we have in each other is so important.....everyone needs a little support to survive the future.  I am thankful for all the support the students have given me.......and I will do my best to help all of you achieve your personal health goals, I am thankful for all the men and women protecting us and fighting for us all over the world....and it's my hope you will all be home soon, I am ...Read more

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Quest II

Quest for the Best was Sifu Tat Wong's event.......run by his daughter Ka-Yan.....was a good event for a first time...about  125 or so competitors........the Disney Medals were great.....Mickey Mouse no less!!  I think it lacked a little in terms of it's own identity......seemed anti-climatic after the Tiger Claw Elite and the evening show the day before.  Though it was a nice event for Sifu Wong's school......it's nice to have the luxury of having a big enough school that it doesn't matter how many people show up.  But it was a ...Read more

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Quest for the Best and Tiger Claw Elite

Returned from Orlando awhile ago but haven't had time to blog.  I have been following though the coming political change in American Politics...........so interesting to find that now that we know there's an economic problem....everyone has their hand out for help.  For the masses that's OK....they did not create the crisis.....but for big business.....why do you guys have your hands out??   In what business do you pay people to fail?  the Big Three Auto...should have been making green autos long ago instea...Read more

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Obama wins!  Well, does the world seem different?  Let's see....the Dow just fell 400 points, the war is still going on, the victims of Katrina still haven't all been helped yet, global warming is still occurring.........but there is one thing that was not in the air before...and that is Hope...a new wind is blowing...make no mistake it will be a monumental task to right the boat that Bush has sunk.   while Obama won....prop 8 the anti-gay initiative won.....bigotry is still big in this country......and too often it is the adversarial stanc...Read more

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Obama Ahead!!

Well Obama as of this time has just won Pennsylvania and Ohio........this definitely means he has a commanding lead.......only way for McCain to win is to take California......no way. Well when I return from teaching Taiji we should know who will be the next President!!  Last chance for people in San Francisco to vote...so if you haven't voted yet go do it!  OK, peace and victory!

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Time for a Change!

It goes without saying today is a most important day....get out and VOTE!!  You as an individual can make a difference......it's often a shame in a country where you can vote for your leaders and policies........many people don't even bother.  I can assure you the people of China would love the opportunity to vote out corrupt party officials.......but they can't.  This will definitely, be a hard fought battle....keep in mind it is possible for Obama to win the popular vote and still loose....if he does not collect the necessary...Read more

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Bagua Sword and Taiji Saber

Often times in Traditional Wushu, you don't have a choice as to what one can study, your sifu understands your strength and weaknesses that he knows what weapons and hand forms best suits you.  The last time my classmate, Yang Shi Ming was here to teach seminars, our teacher Master Zhao Da Yuan instructed Master Yang to teach me the Yang 13 Saber Form.  Well, we never quite had enough time....I only finished the first seven forms.  Now, I have learned several versions of the 13 Taiji Broadsword Form....it is a very popular Yan...Read more

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Kun Lun Fan

 It began during a trip to Cheng De...........I went with Master Zhao Da Yuan........to visit the Emperor's Summer Palace.........now this is not the Empress's Summer Palace in Beijing...but is farther north near the Mongolian Border...........it was very hot and humid, and I happen to have a bamboo fan with me to keep cool.  Master Zhao saw it....and he got that twinkle in his eye, he gets that way when he has something special to show you..........he took my fan and showed me some fan techniques that I had not seen before.  So began my ...Read more

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Return of the Bagua Master

 Sounds like a movie title........but no, just our second round of Bagua Seminars with Master Yang Shi Ming..........he returned ready to promote Bagua in the Bay Area.  He and I spent a good deal of time discussing where Wushu is going........not just contemporary but the traditional as well.  We both felt that the contemporary wushu has gone off on the wrong track........not towards the purpose of wushu but towards the direction of a gymnastic sport.  Wushu was originally practiced with three main reasons.....for protection of li...Read more

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What's New?

Hi, everyone....it has been a hectic 3 weeks with Dragon Boat Festival, Bagua Seminars, and then Tiger Claw Elite Finals, and Sifu Tat Wong's Quest for the Best....I have been quite busy...and have flown from one coast to the other......boy am I pooped!!  Got a scratchy throat......my bad,  feels like a bad cold coming....yuck!  Anyway, good thing arrived back in SF just in time for the YMCA"s end of summer clean up......so the Y will be closed for the next two days.....wooohoo.........I can rest and see my acupunturist..........I ju...Read more

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