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Of course CMAT 17 was the highlight of the wushu tournament circuit.........but thought I would stop for a moment to acknowledge the CalWushu Team......they worked hard and did better than all expectations.........they literally cleaned up at the Collegiates in Atlanta, Georgia.  If it were not for some judging irregularities......they would have swept all the major catergories of competition.

This year's CalWushu Team is again the National Collegiate Champions!

Great Job!!  Props to Jeff who was this year's Team Captain........he also got a concussion for the Team...but he got a Gold Medal for it!!

Competiton is the lifeblood of the Wushu athlete.......hard work, and sacrifice pays off ......is an important lesson for life.  Jiayo CalWushu!

OK.....lata all!!

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Baguabf 8d bryantfong
Yeah, Jeff's coming around..but for awhile he did not feel like he was all there! This was a real happy team..worked hard and helped each other alot!
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