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More 40 years

 When you get a certain age many things seem to have occurred 40 years ago.  Life passes you up faster than you can think..........so it's important to always do what you want.........you should never have to say....I wish I had tried that!!  Tho doing what you want doesn't necessarily mean being selfish and un willing to channge...the other side of this is we have to be flexible...make a decision and see it out to the end!  Anyways, Calwushu finished it's spring session...and at the end was the 40th Anniversary of the UC Martial Arts Program...........just another 40 year thingy!  It was brought to our attention how significant this was....because 40 years ago women were not allowed into College Martial Arts Programs.......it was considered too hard for women....and too distracting for men!!  In fact I sort of remember that as I recalled at that time our fledgling Asian American Studies Department voted to support the right of women to study Martial Arts on campus.........especially with the example of women being on Wushu Teams in China....and the slogan  in Mao's China was: Women Hold Up Half the Sky! Thru that struggle on Campus the face of Martial Arts Programs throughout the country changed for the better. Looking around Calwushu and UCMAP.....it is very apparent that this has really changed as women make up a good part of the students in our Martial Arts Program.....and help run the daily operations of our department.

     Of course you can't have a great party without some Calwushuers...........we train hard....and afterwards that means Party!!  So Shahaub and Jeff were again the MC's........UCMAP decided that they did such a fun job last year they were asked back for an encore!!  This was without a doubt a UCMAP year....as we finished number one in the nation in both Taekwando and Wushu, and this was by far one of the best CMAT tournament we ever had...it was well run and the judges were all pleased with the results.......and I got many comments from ex-China professional Wushu Team Athletes that our tournament was run on par with those in China!!  High praise indeed!

The 40th Anniversary Celebration of UCMAP began with opening remarks by founder of the UC  Martial Arts Program Dr. Ken Min.  In addition to UCMAP he was also the USA Taekwando Team Coach...and member of the USOC.

Shahaub and Jeff helping Dr. Min with the 40th cake.

Each table had to sing a song to get in line for dinner!

Lots of great talent!

Jeff and Cherie also sang....good job!

This year's Cal Wushu Team..thanks for a great semester!!

Well, now it's take a small break before the summer session starts..........but already the economy has begun to make it's mark.........City College of SF just informed me there is no money to support summer Taiji classes and that they are asking for volunteers to not work a semester.  Yeah, State of California is in not so great a shape.  Our state politicians are still pointing fingers at each other....hey guys wake up, we elected you guys to fix things....I don't give a hoot for your stupid political views!  Ok, got that off my chest.....Obama has a big country to fix!!  Peace and good health to everyone!!

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